Dying to know what Bloomington is doing tonight?

By: Diane Benjamin

FYI: While your retirement savings are being hit hard, so are the Defined Benefit Plans for Public Sector employees. You will get the bill since no one is willing to amend the Illinois Constitution.

Redesigning the City website means Bills and Payroll have to be searched for now, somebody forgot to add a tab for them. The good news is all the previous packets (except for 2019) are now back and available.

Bills for tonight:


The number of employees paid is now 961! Almost 11,000 hours were worked by seasonal employees.

PDF page 8 – Bloomington is still paying Sick Leave Buy Back.

Packet for the meeting:

Items of note:

Mboka is making 5 appointments to various boards and commissions, 3 of the 5 are reappointments – including Connect Transit. The mayor doesn’t want anything but the status quo.

Are disorderly gatherings rampant?

Remember this story? https://blnnews.com/2022/06/15/did-julie-emig-violate-city-code-ethics/

Next it’s back for approval where Julie can recuse herself:

Bloomington is getting a pot shop of the west side:

City ordinance limits locations to two. I’m sure they thought that would limit city derogation, what it really does is make two locations rich.

Project Equity Illinois, Inc doesn’t appear in the Secretary of State database of registered Illinois corporations:


The company is registered in Delaware:


A fee is required to obtain any information from Delaware.

From the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting – PDF page 186:

The Petitioner is a vertically integrated cannabis company with seven existing retail locations
in multiple other regulated markets.

Conner Johnston, Dallas Tx, testified on behalf of “petitioner” at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting – see PDF pages 209-210.

Remember when Illinois passed legalizing pot and at least some licenses were supposed to go to those impacted most by past laws? It doesn’t appear Project Equity Illinois is one of them.

The meeting concludes with the Annual Report by the Fire Department.





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