Not voting today gets you guys like this:

By: Diane Benjamin

Jeanne Ives: Americans who think they can go through life without being impacted by politics are mistaken, which is why it behooves voters to pay attention to every election.

Not voting in a primary today means somebody else gets to pick who is on the ballot in November. Lots of people only vote in Presidential elections where their vote is almost meaningless. Local and State elections affect your life almost daily.

Every elected official takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

It’s pretty clear, the Supreme Court doesn’t make laws. The nine members aren’t elected, power rests with us not unelected courts. The Court reversed a decision made by a previous court they didn’t have the power in the Constitution to make. Slavery was affirmed by a court and later reversed. So was Separate but Equal. Courts have a duty to correct errors, Roe v Wade was an error.

As a veteran and elected official, one would think this guy would know the Constitution. All the Supreme Court did was return abortion decisions to the States. Nothing changes in Illinois except creation of an abortion tourism industry. Someday it will be appalling to believe it’s a baby if it’s wanted and not a baby if it isn’t, but not today and not in Illinois. Killing a baby isn’t healthcare. It’s a quick fix that haunts many women for decades. How many men force women to abort because they don’t want a child?

Chris Koos chose to speak on his official Facebook account for the entire Council without a vote. Not voting in local elections gets you this:

23 thoughts on “Not voting today gets you guys like this:

  1. Yes, you get idiots like this when you don’t vote. Roads in shambles, empty buildings (Bloomington worse). I was born and raised here. Certainly not the same town at all. It’s a shame. Woke educators,….just unreal! Abortion is not a “right!” It’s a choice….

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    1. Actually, Koos should be happy about the ruling. Baby killing will still be legal in Illinois and will likely increase from people coming in from out of state to get u wanted children sucked out of their wombs. He can concentrate on making Normal the go to stop for shitty electric autos, dope and child murder. Increases sure to come on air and Amtrak travel, local overpriced fuel and increases in hotel/motel and food and bev taxes. Dude should be celebrating.

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      1. Maybe Koos can give abortion providers economic incentives such as those of Lightfoot in Chicago for there to be an abortion clinic in Uptown. Goodness knows Koos has enough vacant spaces in uptown.

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  2. Koos hasn’t changed one bit from the arrogant pompous little bicycle shop owner he was in the mid seventies when I first met him. Nothing could suit him better than being mayor of an arrogant pompous little town.

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  3. Voting for what you want gives us the American Taliban enforcing their sharia law down our throats. Clarence Thomas has made it clear in his remarks that the Supreme Court is coming after our right to contraception and other rights we take for granted. The Supreme Court has made women second class citizens with no autonomy of their bodies. The Supreme Court has in fact made law, a law of the minority imposed on the majority.


      1. For G. Brocket……. All the Supreme Court did was follow the constitution. Leftists are trying, and doing a fine job I might add, to tear down the moral values that our civilization is built on. Leftists obviously do not value life, which is the reason behind today’s mass shootings, rampant violent crime, and degenerate values being taught in our public schools……but I digress, this ruling doesn’t say anything about abortion being evil or even wrong, it just says it’s not in the scope of our Constitution, so you can rejoice in knowing babies will still be killed in Illinois and NY, and Calif, and anywhere Democrats dominate. Sad, but true.

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      2. So according to you the state, the government should be able to force women to have children they don’t want. Absolutely nowhere do I see you approving such things as extension of SNAP benefits, WIC benefits, child care or any benefits for those babies you insist have to be born. After they are born, both those babies and mothers are on their own. In fact you have repeatedly looked down your nose at women who dare collect any benefits as freeloaders.

        In states that are forcing women to have babies they don’t want, there are high maternal mortality rates and high infants mortality rates. They also have high poverty rates for those mothers and babies. So you approve of high maternal mortality rates and approve of children living in abject poverty. 1 child in 6 lives in poverty compared to 1 in 8 adults. That’s 11.9 million impoverished children in the U.S.Children in the U.S. experience higher poverty rates than most developed nations.40 million people struggled with hunger in the United States. Those are the statistics. I’m certainly not “playing”. Banning abortion will not stop abortion but will drive it underground, making it unsafe and deadly.


          1. G Bracket are you as naive as you sound? Really? First off, birth control is readily available…. everything from abstinence to morning after pills are on the shelves at Walgreens! Or Wal-Mart. Secondly your pregnant person can come to Illinois or any other Democratic controlled state and get an abortion, probably free, funded by people like me, a taxpayer. And last …. no last …. I’m tired. People that say what you have are beyond reach…idiots of the left. Bye.

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  4. In the early 1990s Bloomington Mayor Jesse Smart payed police overtime to protect black churches from being burnt to the ground. There was a disinformation campaign that there was a rash of black churches being burnt down by haters. This wasn’t true and was later shown to be part of a disinformation campaign launched by Russian intelligence. Services. However it did help launch the beginning of Not In Out Town in our community.
    There really has been a rash of attacks on Christian churches and pregnancy resource centers throughout the United States. Does anyone know if local mayors are taking any action to help protect them or if Not in Out Town is planning on holding any rallies.?

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  5. You remarked in a previous post that Illinois should have primary runoffs if no candidates get over 50% like they do in other states (and even Chicago).

    I disagree. Illinois should have Ranked Choice Voting (or instant runoff voting) so only one election is needed and tax dollars are saved. Maine and NYC have this. There’s wide support for this across the spectrum.


  6. Dan … probably the wrong color people and certainly the wrong religion for any consideration or protection, especially in a ‘Not in Our Town’ town.


  7. Koos and those that analyze like him are way out of touch with reality.

    Just because it is legal and available and labeled “healthcare” does not mean it’s right or if God.

    The history if Row v Wade and the ruling was very shady fri.ntgr beginning.

    An example of how the deception and system works.

    Organ harvesting and reusing baby or aborted fetis and baby parts are part of the mission for many in our state.

    Lucrative – for all involved

    Elected politicians have been quiet for years Koos is leading the narrative it’s clear.

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    1. True. However, I believe you give Koos too much credit. He didn’t “analyze” anything in foolishly posting some banal, rote statement publicly. Carnality makes people do stupid things.

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  8. Being *For* Roe vs Wade is anti democracy and means you support the supreme court making policy decisions not legal decisions. Overturning Roe vs. Wade gives the power back to the people and their electors. The definition of democracy.

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  9. OMG G Brockett, one would just have to move or travel to another state if they can’t keep their legs together. Either suppress their desires or get a pleasure rod. Killing babies is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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