More Unit 5 parents need to know

By: Diane Benjamin I received this email from a reader and Unit 5 employee, it hasn’t been modified: . In case it is too tiny to read, a Human Resources employee wrote this email to all employees after the Supreme Court overturned Dobbs and Roe. He wanted them to know “immediate and confidential” counseling is […]

The Domestic Enemy: The National Archives!

By: Diane Benjamin This morning Glenn Beck stated on his radio show the National Archives now has a warning label on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Not being one to believe everything I hear, I checked it out. Both documents have warning labels! You can send these American Marxists a comment here: […]

TWO FOIA fails in two weeks

By:  Diane Benjamin Almost every FOIA I file gets extended.  The law says they have to comply within 5 business days, but they can request a 5 day extension.  When 10 business days are given, it should be enough time to get it right. Eventually it isn’t. On November 20th I made this request: I […]

Bam! Higher Ed CLUELESS!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph Opinion Page continues to be an endless source of entertainment.  Orchestrated Letters to the Editor are claiming voting rights locally have been violated.  The election is more than a year away and normal everyday people are writing letters asking you to vote for their candidate?  Keep in mind:  Repeat a […]

Freedom Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin The “Land of the Free” isn’t as free anymore.  Our freedoms are disappearing rapidly as government thinks they are entitled to control us.  Proof? Economic Freedom index: United States is 11th Human Freedom Index: United States is 20th Lots of organization study freedom, Google more results. So, sit back and […]

How to Lose a Constitution—Lessons from Roman History

FEE President Lawrence W. Reed delivered these remarks, compiled from other articles and speeches, to mark the final event at FEE’s original headquarters in Irvington, New York, on Saturday, August 23, 2014. I begin with this remark of the celebrated Roman historian Livy, written 2,000 years ago: There is an exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage […]

5 Minutes of testimony YOU need to hear

  Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government   by Noah Rothman See the video here: During a congressional committee hearing about the constitutional limits imposed on the presidency and the implications of President Barack Obama’s disregard for implementing the Affordable Care Act as written, one expert […]


November 7, 2012 By Michael Connelly I have repeatedly stated in speeches and on my radio show that many Americans are woefully unaware of what the Constitution says, and that means that if they don’t know how our government works and what rights they have then they won’t recognize what they are losing until it is too […]

Which Path?

by Diane Benjamin It’s impossible to believe slightly over half of America voted for free stuff.  High gas prices are the new normal, high electricity rates will follow with the war on coal, high unemployment will go even higher as businesses refuse to hire because of ObamaCare and over regulation.  Hope your free contraceptives make up the […]

Illinois Tea Party’s Position to Amendment 49 on ballot

Constitution Amendment 49 will be on the 11/6/12 ballot after near unanimous approval by the General Assembly. You will be asked to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would require a 3/5 super majority vote by the General Assembly on any bill increasing pension or retirement system benefits for government […]

Right vrs Left

The GOP is awful at messaging and almost completely unwilling. to say what they mean, maybe because their words are consistently twisted by the left for political gain.  An actual conversation between the 2 sides is now impossible.  The left will always have a message, even if they have to make it up.  Example:  The […]