More Unit 5 parents need to know

By: Diane Benjamin

I received this email from a reader and Unit 5 employee, it hasn’t been modified:


In case it is too tiny to read, a Human Resources employee wrote this email to all employees after the Supreme Court overturned Dobbs and Roe. He wanted them to know “immediate and confidential” counseling is available for “coping with trauma and unrest”.

The ruling changed nothing in Illinois. The Supreme Court merely corrected an error by the 1973 Court that did not comply with the Constitution. Unit 5 employees can still have abortions. Female students at Unit 5 can still have abortions – their parents don’t even have to be notified because Democrats cancelled parental notification.

Unit 5 employees spend many hours with your kids. If a Supreme Court ruling with no affect on them is trauma, they are in the wrong profession and your kids are in mental health danger around them. That email was sent to EVERY employee. Obviously either the writer isn’t stable or Unit 5 employees have big enough mental health issues to warrant the email.

Any stable adults at Unit 5? Obviously the employee who sent this to me is. Any others?

Is the Constitution taught at Unit 5? Instead of indoctrinating staff to include DEI in every class, Unit 5 needs to schedule a remedial Constitution class for all employees. At least suggest reading it.

Many thanks to the one Unit 5 employee who stood. School Board election packets will be available soon. Who is running?





10 thoughts on “More Unit 5 parents need to know

  1. The thing that irritates me the most is when rulings come out that negatively impact conservatives they are silent and show no compassion. What about the people coping with “trauma and unrest” from the liberal’s persecution of Donald Trump? What about the people coping with the “trauma and unrest” from Pritzker’s proven unconstitutional dictates? This pandering to all things left by Unit 5 has made this once proud alum embarrassed of my alma mater.


  2. I always look at these kinds of complaints through the perspective of the unborn child. Because there are always two perspectives in a pregnancy.

    In this case that child might say something like – “Crisis support mom? Are you serious…..really?”

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    1. It’s very easy for authority figures to instill fear and confusion in a child. Even subliminally. Unbalanced teachers will produce unbalanced students. But maybe that’s the point? Instill fear and confusion in children and then tell them that they need to rely on their authority for survival.

      I believe we haven’t even begun to realize the psychotic damage we are doing to our current generation of children.

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  3. Whoa! Why’d you take down the post showing that Unit 5 has fewer administrators than the state average. That data not fit your narrative? Are you embarrassed that you cant read a graph? 😂 Maybe you can take a remedial science class at a local high school?😂😂😂


    1. That data still showed that unit 5 had a big drop in that ratio in 2021. It’s still a valid question why they need more money instead of getting that ratio back up to historical levels.


  4. Life works is the same “health network” and so called professionals that State Farm and others use.

    Must be the narrative. Weird they are using same meaaage pints and targeting students too


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