You need 6 weeks to vote, but only 10 days to save 5% on sales tax

By: Diane Benjamin

Besides the State of Illinois cancelling the 1% grocery tax and delaying the inflation adjusted gas tax increase until after the November election, you can save on Sales Tax for 10 days. This savings only applies to items they considered school supplies.

See the Qualifying and Non-Qualifying items on page 3:

Since it takes 6 weeks to vote, why is this 10 days? (August 5th-Aug 14th) The State of Illinois thinks you can shop for school in 10 days? How dare they!

The tax on qualifying purchases is reduced to 1.25% from 6.25%. I feel sorry for the retailers who have to program their systems based on the list. Then they have to put the tax back on August 15th. Maybe the re-programming was saved from last year when the State did the same thing.

Check the qualified list, you don’t have to prove any purchases are for school to save 5%.





6 thoughts on “You need 6 weeks to vote, but only 10 days to save 5% on sales tax

    1. Tom,

      Am sure you are excited that you can now get a year’s supply of glue and athletic supporters free.
      So you can kee;on sniffing glue and have a steady supply of Pritzker approved covid face masks.

  1. If Pritzker would have wanted to do something special he would have removed the full gas tax, like many other states. Maybe a suspension of the license fee for cars that goes up $51 for ’23 stickers. But no he is too busy given his thoughts on Biden in 2024 as well as being in Washington DC marking trees to see if he can claim a run for democratic nomination for president. I would run an ad saying in 4 years nearly a quarter million people have left his tax hell hole called Illinois to go to other states, where can the people run if he finishes Biden’s work of turning the USA in to a hell hole?

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