Normal’s unconstitutional use of Your taxes

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this story?

The Illinois Supreme Court remanded a decision by a lower court back to them regarding Cook County’s use of transportation taxes. The Court stated the Safe Roads Amendment creating a lock box for transportation related taxes applies to Home Rule municipalities too.


Normal is in violation of this ruling – they even have it in plain language on their website in two places. Transportation taxes fund General Operations – not transportation:

Now you know why the roads, except a few and in front of the mayor’s house, aren’t scheduled for repair. Normal instituted a gas tax and raised it only to give themselves more money to spend – not fix the roads.

Does it take a lawsuit Normal? I hope many of you are working on getting signatures on the Wards petitions. The current established form of government in Normal means most of you don’t matter.

Details here:

Independence Day is soon, declare your independence from the tyranny in Normal! Get signatures.

10 thoughts on “Normal’s unconstitutional use of Your taxes

  1. Koos and Reece know the money is being used illegally. The problem is their staff are too intimidated to say anything, the town attorney is just as corrupt as Reece. Don’t look to the council for help as they all are spineless Koos puppets except for Stan Nord.

    Wo do get to force the town to follow the damn law? Scott Preston claimed to be CONSERVATIVE fighter? Well let’s see you start fighting!

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  2. I don’t see how they have gotten away an unconstitutional budget. Who exactly is accountable for their compliance?


      1. The attorney, finance director or manager have no obligation to follow the constitution?

        Don’t the books get audited by an outside organization?


        1. Audits just make sure the numbers in are in the right column. I believe only the elected take an oath of office. The attorney works for the town, not keeping them legal. It’s citizens job to elect people of honor, can’t do that when 10-15% bother to vote


    1. Fedup,

      Yes. That is what happened in Cook County. It is a straight forward case since Normal clearly states they use the restricted revenue for the exact purpose which the IL Supreme Court clearly ruled was an unconstitutional use of said revenue.

      The attorney who took this to the IL Supreme Court and won is

      Your local State Attorney’s Office is

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