Normal DESERVES Better

The people of Normal have no one who specifically represents them. Try emailing a Trustee or all of them and see how many responses you get. It is expensive to run “At-Large” which is why you get hand picked Trustees instead of representative government.

Bloomington has Wards which means each alderman represents a part of the City. No Trustees currently live east of Veterans Parkway of west of Linden. Want to know why your water, sewer, and roads don’t get fixed? The people making decisions don’t live where you do.

Rantoul recently put a referendum on the ballot to create Wards, it passed. Stan Nord wants the same for Normal. See the link above for all the information your need. Download a petition and gather some signatures!

Excerpt from the website:

5 thoughts on “Normal DESERVES Better

  1. I bet Koos and his council bobble heads are pissed about this. The NAACP, the Democrats, and the Republicans all want this passed. However, if Koos and Co. supports it then Nord gets credit. If they oppose it, then they reject everyone but themselves and those who have profited from the corruption and discrimination that at-large has allowed. Koos and the rest of the council are so full of vengeance for Nord that I bet they will oppose it out of spite.


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