By: Diane Benjamin

It’s always easy to tell who the true conservatives are by what happens to their campaign signs.

H/T a reader:

All of Jim Fisher’s signs this reader saw were spray painted. Below are just two of them. These criminal acts prove the offender doesn’t believe in free and fair elections.

Conservatism is merely letting people make their own decisions instead of power-hungry government minions dictating rules to you. Conservative principles create prosperity, whoever did this hates your freedom. This also explains why states like Illinois have high taxes and oppressive regulations while Florida and Texas are where people and businesses are fleeing to. Vote Fisher for freedom, Scott Preston fully supports staff making all the decisions in Normal. He’s no conservative.

13 thoughts on “Vandalism

  1. Infuriating.
    The fact that Scott Preston’s signs weren’t vandalized tells us who the vandals work for.

  2. Preston is supported by the same people backing Irvin. That is all I need to know to vote for anyone but Preston.

  3. I also notice that the RINO campaign signs are colors of green, purple and white. None of them are patriotic colors like red, white and blue. Preston needs to go and not be in office anymore.

    1. Excellent point
      Sullivan, black and white
      Brady, green and white
      Rabine, black, red, white

  4. Preston will represent Democrats well if he wins. He has a long history of voting for wasteful spending, tax increases, and anything else Democrat Koos has told him to vote for.

  5. This is a democratic tactic. Chungs progressive beta simps sowing division in the local GOP. Honestly don’t know why ANY man that WORKS for a living and belongs to a union would simp for this bloated violinist- 🤮 – her elitist arrogant peers smugly look down on working people and only give phony lip service when they need help around election time.
    Chung and her ‘friends’ would help an illegal alien replace a hard working American on the job site in a heartbeat – yet organized labor backs her. Amazing really.

    1. I have never read anything so racist in my entire life. Beta simps? Bloated violinist?

      Democrats are sowing division in local GOP? The GOP are doing a very good job at division. Nominate Bailey and be prepared for Pritzker to be re-elected. Bailey will not win a general election. None of the Republican nominees can win a general election.

      The extreme right has sown violence. A group was stopped from violently interrupting a Gay rights parade a couple of weeks ago. Adam Kinzinger just received a death threat for him and his family. Did I see here that you have condemned any of that? Of course not. You seem fine OK racist rants against Democrats you hate. That’s not right.

  6. The person who tried to kill Kavanaugh has been indicted and is in prison waiting for his day in court. He will be found guilty and will spend a long time in prison. That’s how this country works. The same FBI you’re decrying arrested the man at Kavanaugh’s house so please make up your mind.

    It seems it’s YOU who is justifying political violence. You knew nothing about Kinzinger? You should have. Words have consequences and the rhetoric you’re pushing borders on dangerous. The person who sent the threat was local and threatened his wife and 5 month old son. That’s sick. This has nothing to do with Supreme Court Justices but people who make up increasing dangerous ideologies about “getting” RINO’s etc. That’s why a Congressman’s wife and child got death threats. You’re adding to the political violence.

    1. The fbi got the guy after he turned himself in! I was out of state and off the grid for my son’s wedding last weekend. Get some facts, that guy should be treated for mental illness before prison.

      1. So now you’re excusing violence. Again make up your mind. Get some facts? The guy knew what he was doing was wrong. Since mental illness is not a defense against crime, he’ll be in prison for a long time. If I commit a crime and then state I’m mentally ill, that’s not going get me very far in not being convicted. And yes the FBI arrested him, those pesky facts.

        The person who sent the letter to Kinzinger addressed his wife with the C word. He/she stated that Kinzinger was going to be executed with his wife and 5 month old son. So you’re excusing this? This was a sick letter with threats against Kinzinger’s wife and infant son. How low can something get?

        You pointed to the violence against a Supreme Court justice and then excused it. You don’t care about the violence against people you disagree with or violence in general. The letter sent to Kinzinger is a part of the cancer of violence which is being stirred up by the far right which includes you. You refuse to condemn it, even after you pointed out violence against a Supreme Court Justice. You then can’t make up your mind about violence. Pretty sad.

        1. There was no violence against either. Is Kinzinger and his family still alive? Are all the Supreme Court Justices? There are no excuse for threats, but I bet you don’t mind the Jane’s Revenge actual violence they promise will get worse is the Supreme Court follows the Constitution. Thanks for playing, you are now done spouting nonsense.

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