Maybe Democrats can elect Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin Democrat Sharon Chung coddles criminals. In case you missed Mclean County Sheriff John Sandage detailing Chung’s antics with those held in the County jail, see the video here: Worse, Democrats on the County Board were not upset with Chung’s actions, they were mad that Sandage was allowed to speak to the […]

Kiss Springfield Goodbye Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Even with these donations, Preston has far less money than his opponent: You are going to want to sell your house without a realtor after this! (FYI they threw a ton of money to the elites during the last local election in Normal too) This will also prove […]

Democrats need to say why abortion in Illinois is up until birth

By: Diane Benjamin With Democrats in complete control of Illinois, they need to answer for what they did. Screeching about a women’s right to choose is only because they have nothing else to run on. Read below and then ask Sharon Chung where she stands! Your minor child can get an abortion without you knowing: […]

Sharon Chung is rolling in $$$$$

By: Diane Benjamin How much money does her opponent Scott Preston have? Chung is well know for supporting criminals during her time on the McLean County Board. So who is supporting this police hater? The same people trying to get Amendment 1 passed by calling it a Worker’s Rights Amendment. It’s really a […]

Scott Preston’s pretend family gets around!

By: Diane Benjamin I heard the Illinois Republican Party sent FIVE mailers for Scott Preston, they hung up on Jim Fisher when he called the House Republican Organization. Fisher was told they picked Preston. The ILGOP is alienating THOUSANDS of voters by interfering with letting people pick their candidates! The 91st Legislative District isn’t the […]


By: Diane Benjamin It’s always easy to tell who the true conservatives are by what happens to their campaign signs. H/T a reader: All of Jim Fisher’s signs this reader saw were spray painted. Below are just two of them. These criminal acts prove the offender doesn’t believe in free and fair elections. Conservatism is […]

Libertarians host candidates last night

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of going to the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night I was at the Libertarian’s meeting. They had 10 candidates confirmed to appear, most of them didn’t. Jim Fisher, running against Scott Preston for the 91st Legislative District was there, Preston wasn’t. Preston had a friend speak on his behalf, […]