Scott Preston’s pretend family gets around!

By: Diane Benjamin

I heard the Illinois Republican Party sent FIVE mailers for Scott Preston, they hung up on Jim Fisher when he called the House Republican Organization. Fisher was told they picked Preston. The ILGOP is alienating THOUSANDS of voters by interfering with letting people pick their candidates! The 91st Legislative District isn’t the only race where they are spending money to get the candidate they want. The ILGOP wants to stay in the super minority!

See this story from yesterday with Scott’s pretend family pictured:

The same “family” is on this website:

And this website:

This website shows that picture is on a LOT of websites:

You can let the Illinois GOP pick your candidate or get out and vote for Jim Fisher.

The ILGOP doesn’t want you to vote in primaries, you make it harder for their candidates to win! The Democrat candidate will use this website to defeat Preston because of his votes on the Normal Town Council. Voting for Fisher eliminates that problem.




6 thoughts on “Scott Preston’s pretend family gets around!

  1. Fake Family…Fake Republican…Liberal Policy Voting Record…True RINO

    Scott’s slogan should be
    Vote Preston, the Democrats’ Republican.

  2. This just proves what a blow hard Scott Preston is. Remember his hotel adventure and room service bill to the town of Normal? He’s immature, phony and just plain stupid.

  3. Maybe the ILGOP saved money by using a bought stock photo. Trying to get a disingenuous politician to look honest in a photo is virtually impossible.

  4. This is so typical. He doesn’t have a shred of honesty and integrity so his default is to lie and deceive. That tells you exactly how he would be in office, in addition to his track record of lies and deceit while on the town council. How dies he sleep at night? How does he look in the mirror? This is apparently a guy with no conscience.

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