Scott Preston does comedy!

By: Diane Benjamin

The Illinois Republican Party sent another mailer for Scott Preston, are they worried about Jim Fisher?

This one is hilarious. Front side:

Is the picture supposed to portray Preston as a good family man? That isn’t Scott Preston and his wife and kids in the picture. They found a family to use that looks a lot like Scott and his wife, Scott doesn’t have any kids yet but I think she is currently pregnant. False advertising Scott?

If that isn’t bad enough, see the back side:

Beside the obvious lies of cutting taxes and red tape (see his votes on the Normal Town Council), Scott wants to invest in teachers and classrooms!

If Scott cared about education he would promote SCHOOL CHOICE so kids aren’t forced to attend a school based on their zip code. Schools don’t need more money, they need competition for dollars. The quality of education would improve overnight if they had to convince parents they were the best for your children. Instead we have DEI education and Equity which is the race to the bottom!

I wonder if the police who Scott claims support him would ticket him for walking a dog off leash? Isn’t that a crime Scott? 2 dogs on a leash and one not?

This mailer proves why the leadership of the Illinois GOP needs replaced. They are interfering in primaries against their own policy. They funded this ridiculous deceptive mailer. Avoid any candidates the ILGOP are funding if you want a party that isn’t in the super minority!






7 thoughts on “Scott Preston does comedy!

  1. Lies, deception, and tax increases. That’s what we’ve come to expect from Scott Preston. That’s an expensive mailer to send that message.

  2. We already know Scott Preston lies about fighting to reduce taxes since his voting record shows the complete opposite. His new campaign b.s. “Keeping politics out of classrooms” is another joke.

    Scott had no problem with Chemberlys Youth on a Mission town-funded project. Youth on a Mission was for politicians, specifically the Normal council and mayor, to teach children, only in public schools, how to lobby the government. They even hired a unit 5 teacher to help run it. Preston participated in some of the meetings with the kids. Scott, this is exactly putting politics in the classroom!

    I wonder if Scott even checks over the crap the Republicans put out on his behalf. Maybe the Republicans were too inept to actually check Scott’s voting record before they decided he was their horse. Or maybe these Republicans agree with Scott’s liberal voting record and they think we believe the b.s. they are stuffing into our mailboxes.

    I have no expectation there will be much difference in legislation between a Preston and Democrat win. The only difference I can see is Republicans will brag that they have another seat. But if that red seat votes arm and arm with Democrats, then how is that any different than a Democrat winning?

    My 2 cents…Vote Fisher, not as polished as Preston, but at least he is honest.

  3. Scott Preston reminds me of some neatly and prettily packaged product box plastered with empty promises and false claims. A little climber who is all form and no substance, not smart or creative enough to make it in the corporate world. But the perfect empty suit for politics. The picture that is NOT Preston and his family on the postcard is all you need to know.

  4. It is dishonest to mislead people with a pretend family on your mailer. Unfortunately, Republicans fall for this RINO crap all the time. Remember Koos had a mailer associating Tiritilli with Trump via a made up picture. Despite the.truth, Koos till won.

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