Maybe Democrats can elect Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin

Democrat Sharon Chung coddles criminals. In case you missed Mclean County Sheriff John Sandage detailing Chung’s antics with those held in the County jail, see the video here:

Worse, Democrats on the County Board were not upset with Chung’s actions, they were mad that Sandage was allowed to speak to the Justice Committee.

Chung is a far left abortion pusher with tons of money from Chicago helping her buy an election:

She’s up to almost $780,000 in her war chest. If you want Chicago level criminal coddling, gun control freak, and abortion up until birth downstate, vote for Chung.

Democrats have a better option because the Republican Scott Preston acts more like a democrat. Preston was handpicked by the ILGOP because they want to stay in the super-minority since governing is too difficult for them. Preston even favors gun regulation!

Scotty has lost the vote of Guns Save Life members. See this story:


Scott Preston won his primary race for State Representative in the 91st district with the help of “Dear Leader” Jim Durkin.

Under Durkin’s “leadership” (chuckle) the pro-gun Republicans in the Illinois House have fallen to super-minority status.  What sort of decisions does Lil’ Jimmy make?  He directs a whole lot of House Republican campaign cash along with other party resources.

. . . under Dear Leader Jimmy Durkin, the Illinois Republican party sent out FIVE campaign mailers promoting Scott Preston during the primary season.  Yeah, so instead of letting the voters pick their candidate and then spending those resources to win the general, Durkin spent big trying to place a loyalist in the seat.   Meanwhile, what did Mr. Fisher, the solid, pro-gun candidate get during the primary season?  Durkin’s people hung up on Fisher when he called for help.

Read the rest yourself!

It’s a glorious takedown.

Scott Preston will get Republican votes from those who vote “R” regardless of how bad the candidate is (fewer every day). Many won’t vote for yet another RINO. The only hope Preston has is Democrats voting for him because they can’t vote for a far left Chicago funded nut job. Scotty should go after their vote!

The under-vote (no vote for either) should be interesting. Think Durkin will notice? Care?





14 thoughts on “Maybe Democrats can elect Scott Preston

  1. The County and State Republicans have an identity crisis. They back anyone who will put an R behind their name. It makes no difference of whether they have liberal or conservative values. Look no further than their backing of proven Democrat value policy makers like Preston and Irvin. Until the Republicans root the Democrats out of their party they will continues to lose ground.

  2. I have fallen far too many times for the lesser of two evils vote and I won’t do it this time around. I cannot in good conscience vote for either of these clowns. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Scott Preston is a crook. Look at his hotel bill on the Normal Town Council. Most people get fired by their employers for these types of antics. In Illinois we reelect them. The people of the 91st (which by the way, Scott Preston doesn’t even live in right now) must realize that if they elect Preston, they will have a career politician on their hands as bad if not worse than Dan Brady.

    Anyone who thinks Preston will do anything in Springfield other than blame the Dumacrats is fooling himself. We might as well have Sharon and have something to go after. I think Preston’s defeat would do more to improve things in Illinois than a victory. The Illinois Republican party needs to get the message that we don’t like their hand picked candidates.

  3. Credibility of the republican party is at an all-time low. The average voter has no idea which republican candidate is a republican vs. a democrat in disguise (a.k.a RINO). Party leadership’s refusal to hold “democrat’s in disguise” accountable and their support of obvious RINO’s has caused a lot of people to disassociate them from the republican party. This is a major reason why Darren Bailey built his own team of volunteers which is larger than the republican party membership.

      1. Sharon Chung is about as much on the fringe as Jenn. Maybe even more so. Electing these kind of people can and should send a very clear message to the Republican party in Illinois. We’re not going to put up with their nonsense.

  4. If Preston wins then the commenters here and all the citizens of the 91st that gives a hoot about their present and future needs to pressure Preston like he’s never seen before.Hold his feet to the fire. Then get a better candidate for next term.

  5. Republican leadership believes a Republican can only win if they act more like a Democrat. Thanks to this stupidity, our choice is Democrat-lite Preston vs. Democrat-far-left Chung. For conservatives, the choice is which turd sandwich. For liberals, the choice is tuna salad or caviar. No matter what liberals win and conservatives lose. The GOP calls this continual move further and further to the left “compromise.”

  6. Sharon Chung
    1. Pro-SafeT act
    2. Bring back “Fair tax” garbage
    3. “100% pro-choice” her words.

    No thanks. I’ll take 70% of what I want as compared to 0%.

  7. You have no choices in BN/McLean County because the local and state elites planned it that way. You are all SOL because leadership in any either party only want those that will do their bidding. Your area is owned by the Chicago and country club class and has been for a while and always will be. JB will bevre-elected governor and Chung will be in the statehouse. You all will be represented by another foreigner who has no allegiance to Amerixan principles. Illinois was,is and will be a political joke. Ruled by Chicago and liking it.

  8. This is not related to this election but the Republicans need to take back the messaging on abortion. Chung calls Scott Preston “extreme” on abortion despite her being “100% pro-choice” which clearly includes late term abortion. The Democrat position of unrestricted taxpayer funded abortion is extreme. Most of socialist Europe restricts abortion sometime between 12-15 weeks. France is 14 weeks. This whole thing is BS. If we don’t defeat these type of people this November they’ll keep running with this garbage.

  9. Seldom have I seen a person so completely bought and paid for than Sharon Chung. That mayor form Aurora that Ken Griffen bought was one – and Sharon Chung is the other.

    Chung has never seen or been around so much money in her entire life – now with $740,000 + in campaign donations – her lifestyle and style of living has completely changed.

    Chung has literally won the lottery – and only had to sell her seoul to do it.


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