Letter to the Editor: Scott Preston

Someone just sent me your ad. You claim to be a “CONSERVATIVE Fighter.” I have yet to witness you fight for conservative values. You may have voted no on occasion but never have I seen you fight against the tax and spend agendas of the self-described Trump hater Mayor Koos and Queen Pam Reece.

 I have witnessed you: 

  • obediently vote for property tax hikes
  • support ignoring laws, statues and policies put in place to restrain government and protect taxpayers
  • turn you back on basic fiscal responsibilities like requiring competitive bids and letting town staff get kick backs on no bid contracts
  • vote to divert the state’s gas tax money away from the roads and bridges and into more recreational bike trails
  • sit silent while Pam and Koos used the police to harass, fine, and shutdown restaurants who were not bowing to Pritzker’s Covid mandates.

You often vote in opposition to the IL GOP party platform values. Definitions mean everything. I hope you publicly define your “Conservative” values so voters knows exactly the values you claim to fight for. RINO’s have used conservative buzzwords, with alternate meanings to deceive voters time and time again. We are tired of it!

Personally, I would rather see a Democrat elected who is open and honest about supporting Democrat values than another Republican who votes in Democrat ways. The resulting legislation is the same but the latter destroys the credibility and future of the Republican Party. You appear to care more about advancing your political career than the harm RINOs do to the Republican Party.

The McLean County GOP, of which you are a Vice President of, sat silently for years while Josh Barnett was openly a RINO. He just officially switched to the Democrat party and into Pritzker’s open arms. Your reputation on the Normal council is that you are a RINO, just like Josh Barnett. Did you orchestrate the elimination of the Accountability Committee from the MCGOP to protect Josh, yourself, or both?

So, if you become a Republican State Rep, I sincerely hope you change ways, though I don’t believe your ego will allow you to realize why so many people consider you a RINO. You have aligned yourself with the House Republicans, a well known group of RINOs, instead of conservatives like Bailey, Sullivan, or Rabine. Republicans need people elected who will honesty fight to fix Illinois not just another career politician and corrupt cog blowing smoke to get a golden pension.

An Anonymous Republican who despises RINOs


The ad, note who paid for it:

19 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Scott Preston

  1. House Republican Majority?


    Not under the “leadership” of Rep Jim Durkin’s shriveled up balls.


  2. The author of this letter is correct. Preston has done absolutely NOTHING to define himself as a Republican. Another obvious lie is “fighter.” What has he Ever fought for. And another lie: entrepreneur. What are the list of businesses he has started with his own money, blood, sweat, and tears? You know what is true about Preston? He is a liar and a deceiver, just like queen pam, king koos, and the others on the town council, with the exception of Stan


  3. Preston supported the UNDERPASS, that is not a necessity, and will serve a small number of users. Normal taxpayers will be responsible for all cost overruns. Yake up voters. Vote for true conservatives! No to Preston.

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  4. A person from his campaign came to my door this week. So much I wanted to say but just said”No, I’m not voting for that guy.”
    If Preston is gonna stand for something then get a backbone and stand for it.

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  5. The Democrats and Republicans have both moved left. The current Republican Party are what the Democrats were 20 year ago. The current Democrat party are mainly socialists. Traditional conservative/constitutionalist Republicans have become Libertarians. Everything is moving left.

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  6. What about Scout’s hotel bill that he charged to the town of Normal? In most real life scenarios such antics get you’re fired. In Illinois politics it’s business as usual. To say nothing of the fact that Preston doesn’t even live in the district he’s running in.

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  7. I was at a recent event Scott was to attend but couldn’t make it, so he sent a representative. (Not gonna complain there, though some might.) The gist of the presentation was that Scott’s priorities are Families and Safety.
    Good thing I was so appalled that I couldn’t get my laughter out! One Normal Plaza is an area that has a park that hosts kids’ sports, multiple private schools, and facilities known to host swim teams, cub scouts, and kids’ dance classes. A friend of the mayor wanted alcohol sales allowed, for their own convenience. I’ve heard different numbers, but as best I can tell, public input was more than 60-1 against allowing any alcohol sales, primarily *Families* concerned about the *Safety* of kids in that area if there was also alcohol.
    One guess how Preston voted.
    Families: 0
    Safety: 0
    Politically Connected Friends: 1

    If that’s how you want to be represented in Springfield, now you know who to vote for!
    If that’s Not what you want, vote for Jim Fisher

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  8. There are just too many similarities with Irvin’s b.s. and Preston’s to ignore. Preston should explain why his voting record contradicts his campaign promises.

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