HUD doesn’t pay it’s bills in McLean County

by:  Diane Benjamin The second installment of Real Estate Taxes was due in September, so don’t blame the shutdown. McLean County has 10 tax delinquent properties in McLean County where the bill is sent to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  So much for that AAA credit rating.  The bills total $23,373.87. Luckily, the […]

Another First-hand Report from the RNC Convention

Jackie Johnson was a delegate to the RNC and is a faithful Tea Party supporter. The following is first-hand evidence from her Facebook page of the duplicity of the RNC: Jackie Johnson This was awful today. Just awful. Our entire WI delegation–establishment,​ TP, Paulies, everyone from the top down–was UNITED in our desire to vote those […]

#Illinois #GOP Does NOT = Conservative

by Diane Benjamin This is a teaser post – much more information will follow. The Illinois GOP – specifically Christine Radogno – is conducting a war on conservative candidates running for office in Illinois.  She did the same thing during the primary a LOST BIG!  Sorry Christine – conservatives are still on the ballot for […]