#Illinois #GOP Does NOT = Conservative

by Diane Benjamin

This is a teaser post – much more information will follow.

The Illinois GOP – specifically Christine Radogno – is conducting a war on conservative candidates running for office in Illinois.  She did the same thing during the primary a LOST BIG!  Sorry Christine – conservatives are still on the ballot for November.  Since Pat Brady is suppose to be in charge of the Republican Party in Illinois, he must be complicit.   Ditto for Tom Cross.

For the record:  Conservatives are SICK of YOU Three.  Living in Illinois is torture and you three are as much to blame as the Democrats running the state.  It is because of YOU there is NO Republican Party in Chicago and we are stuck with socialists lists like Jan Schakowsky.  It is because of you that very few Republicans hold state-wide office.  It is because of you Mike Madigan is capable of controlling Illinois.

It is embarrassing that Ronald Reagan’s face appears on your Facebook page.  You aren’t worthy of shining his shoes.   You are pretend Republicans.  Conservatives around the state  eagerly await the end of your leadership.

Specifics later, yes we know some.

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