Properties the Town of Normal Own-Visual

The properties pictured are all connected to the Uptown project. The Town of Normal is listed as the owner on all yellow properties.  All of the properties were checked on the McLean County Assessor’s Office website.  The parcel pictures are all from the Assessor’s site.

The Town of Normal, McLean County, Unit 5, and all other taxing bodies are NOT receiving tax income from these properties since the Town of Normal is exempt.  See previous posts for more information.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

3 thoughts on “Properties the Town of Normal Own-Visual

  1. Let’s not forget that the Town also owns the streets meaning that almost 1/2 of the pictured space is non-taxable. Why do the towns’ people keep electing the same old, same old?

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    If you read today’s Pantagraph – front page story on property taxes going up for Uptown businesses. That’s a surprise(lol), but image how much property tax revenue they would have if the Town of Normal didn’t own so much of the property!

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