Another First-hand Report from the RNC Convention

Jackie Johnson was a delegate to the RNC and is a faithful Tea Party supporter. The following is first-hand evidence from her Facebook page of the duplicity of the RNC:

Jackie Johnson This was awful today. Just awful. Our entire WI delegation–establishment,​ TP, Paulies, everyone from the top down–was UNITED in our desire to vote those rules down. Then they just squashed it. There was just stunned disbelief in our entire delegation. The elites had a chance to solidly unite the party today…and they blew it. Totally, willfiully blew it. It’s like they chose to cut off their nose to spite their face. Chose to purposely slap the grassroots in the face to punish them for Mourdock and Cruz and not just falling in line like good little soldiers.

Speaking of RINO elites…I was waiting for an elevator behind two gentleman at the hotel in Tampa. One of them was crowing about having just beaten the Tea Party in a primary fight. They were both pretty happy about showing those uppity little people who’s who. Talked about Orrin Hatch beating the Tea Party, too. They were just disgusting about it. Then they turned around and I saw who it was who had initially boasted about beating the Tea Party. Any guesses?

Yep. Tommy Thompson.

On November 7, our fight on two fronts will be even harder.

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