HUD doesn’t pay it’s bills in McLean County

by:  Diane Benjamin

The second installment of Real Estate Taxes was due in September, so don’t blame the shutdown.

McLean County has 10 tax delinquent properties in McLean County where the bill is sent to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  So much for that AAA credit rating.  The bills total $23,373.87.

Luckily, the GOP has caved to Obama’s threats and will be voting to raise the debt ceiling.

Thanks to the Democrats and RINO Republicans, the government is putting you another $1,000,000,000,000 in debt, maybe they will be able to pay their property taxes here.

Don’t pay any attention to the numbers.  Obviously it’s more important to not create a fuss that might hurt our elected official’s next election than do what is right for the country.

Every tax payer is now $148,133 in debt!2467642

Every citizen is now $53,531 in debt!

Look at your kids and tell them it’s all going to be okay.  The magic money fairy will arrive any day now.

In case you can still sleep, every taxpayer is also on the hook for $1,101,442 in unfunded liabilities – you know, all those pensions, social security, and other stuff people thought they were going to get someday.

The good news is:

Mayor Renner wants to raise Utility Taxes to fund the Bloomington pensions!  He must think higher utility bills is not real money and nobody will ever miss the dollars stolen from their wallet.  The Mayor is opposed to property tax increases, but Bloomington’s Utility Tax is currently cheaper than Normal, so let’s whack it up!  So much for creating reasons to live in Bloomington over Normal.  So much for not hurting the working poor.  Maybe somebody should be hired and funded to help the poor out with the higher bills!  (Democrat logic)

The current City budget is $169,437,779.  Money had to be borrowed to fix the roads, and now taxes have to be raised to fund pensions.  Have you had enough “Quality of Life” crap yet?

Maybe the County should foreclose on the delinquent HUD properties.  Local government could use the money.





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