Libertarians host candidates last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Instead of going to the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night I was at the Libertarian’s meeting. They had 10 candidates confirmed to appear, most of them didn’t.

Jim Fisher, running against Scott Preston for the 91st Legislative District was there, Preston wasn’t. Preston had a friend speak on his behalf, no breaking news however so I’m not going to post his comments. Below is a clip of Fisher, the video quality isn’t great because of low light. They meet in the basement of Crawford’s Corner Pub, good food and drinks available, light wasn’t!

This race is an easy choice. Fisher will not do whatever the ILGOP tells him too. Preston will, including voting for tax increases. He voted for many as Normal Trustee.

Also present were Jim Soeldner, County Board District 2, Don Rients and Mike Kirkton – both running for the 105th Legislative District. The other two running didn’t show up: Kyle Ham and Dennis Tipsword.

Clips from Rients and Kirkton are below. This race is harder to decide, I’ve known Don Rients for awhile. He is exactly as he seems, a very honest guy who wants to represent his district. To find out more on Kirkton I asked people who are in his Livingston County Board District now. I’m going to paraphrase what one person told me:

My experience with him has not been good. He doesn’t listen to his constituents. He doesn’t want committee meetings recorded for the public. He thinks people should take off work to attend the County committee meetings when constituents complained they were too early to attend for working people.

He is a yes man to the good old boys on our board. He has had no good reasons for some of his votes. He said he doesn’t want committees taped because the board should be able to speak freely and doesn’t want the public to see if he says something ‘dumb’ that will come back to haunt him over and over again.

Evidently that is one video. 😁

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