Six things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


In case you missed this story, librarians in Dunlap got in trouble for reporting a man viewing and printing child porn:

Understand yet why schools are sexualizing your kids? It’s the agenda!


County Board member Jim Soeldner was at the Libertarian’s meeting I attended, so I asked him about the lights installed on “Stop Ahead” signs around the County. See this story:

Jim reported back to me that each solar light set cost $1250 and 90 were installed. A $100,000 Safety Grant paid for all but $11,000. He thinks it was a federal grant. (still tax dollars)


In January 2021 a State Representative introduced a bill to ban School Resource Officers, as in police in schools:

The bill was later pulled, Rep. Anne Stava-Murray (D-Downers Grove) claimed passage of the police reform bill was why she pulled it.


If you want to read a history on the decline of Public Schools, this is it:


Below is another Public Comment from the Unit 5 School Board meeting:


The Republicans have write-in candidates for County Board, they only need 25 write-ins to qualify them to be on the November ballot. Democrats challenged their petitions for not numbering pages, they didn’t challenged the petitions of other democrats who didn’t number theirs. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Here is the list:

Check your voter registration before casting a vote!

7 thoughts on “Six things you need to know

  1. Hi Diane, Do you know where we can find a Voter’s Guide for this primary?
    Thank you!

  2. Please the Federalist? Bill Gates? Gates has to be the busiest guy out there, he’s at the center of every conspiracy that floats down conspiratorial creek. What’s next, the Protocols of Zion?
    The fact is that Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught. Why exactly would anyone teach a legal theory that’s meant for law schools or a college social science classics? Do you really think teachers are going over history of Redlining with 5th graders? This is about teaching history, and history is not always conveniently non-racial. I bet anything you won’t publish this opinion, you don’t want other people’s view points.

    1. It’s critical race theory by many different names. I’ve stopped calling it critical race theory so knuckleheads like you quiet down. Here are a few: Diversity equity inclusion. Social emotional learning. Transformative social emotional learning. And the newest cesspool of garbage to enter schools, comprehensive sexuality education. It’s all garbage.. None of this belongs in schools. But the leftist progressive marxists are hellbent on destroying childhood innocence and destabilizing children.

      1. Diane why did not post my reply to Fedup? I guess you’re afraid of debate which apparently isn’t allowed on this blog. This why you blog is becoming increasing irrelevant. Only people like Fedup comments are approved. This blog is a far right screed read by the alt-right and commented on by around 6 to 8 people you approve. I guess you get enough money from someone to run this waste of a blog.

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