County’s new lights didn’t work

By: Diane Benjamin McLean County recently added solar lights to “Stop Ahead” signs in the country:
The twinkle-sized lights flash yellow, but they don’t show up very well in daylight. It breaks my heart that a young man is dead because a semi-driver ran the stop sign at Leroy-Lexington blacktop and Route 9. Since the accident happened about 6:20 at night, it wasn’t dark enough for the red lights catch the driver’s attention. The rumble-strips in the road didn’t work either. This wasn’t the first fatal accident at stops along east Route 9. There have been many non-fatal accidents too. What does it take to make drivers pay attention? Deeper rumble-strips? Stop Ahead painted on the road in large letters? Say a prayer for the young man’s family, classmates, and friends. Include the semi-driver, he’s likely crushed too.






4 thoughts on “County’s new lights didn’t work

  1. I wonder why the Truck Driver didn’t stop at the Stop Sign? If he had stopped at the stop sign, the young man would still be alive.


  2. While my heart goes out to the family of this young man, I must tell you that my daughter was killed in a car/semi truck accident on Nov. 10,2019 on the Arrowsmith blacktop (3000E) & 1330 N. road.

    It is suspected that the stop sign is in a man cave somewhere, because the County deputy said she missed a stop sign. Her 11 yr. old son survived & told the deputy that my daughter had come to a full stop before proceeding & he didn’t see any signs. Ron 

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