Four things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Remember the lady in Normal with YELLOW water?

Yesterday it was a beautiful shade of green:


Now we know why Jamie Mathy stepped down from his Ward 1 seat, he wants tax breaks to redevelop a building downtown. The building has been empty for a long time, so as long as all tax breaks are future money it’s a good thing for downtown. 12 parking spaces in the Market Street garage might be a problem though. Connect Transit is talking about tearing it down as part of the Transfer Center.


Sample ballots are now on line for both the County and Bloomington:


Josh Barnett finally came out of the closet and switched to Democrat. I’m happy he finally confirmed what everybody already knew:

He was never part of the GOP “big tent”. Too bad the local GOP disbanded the Accountability Committee, guys like Barnett did nothing to promote GOP values or principles.

Why did he pick now to change parties? New polls show 8 out 10 Americans think we are going in the wrong direction under complete Democrat control. Wipeout ahead! The local Democrats have the same philosophy as those running the country. Elections have consequences, we are suffering under 2020 now. Vote Democrat only if you are part of the 20% who think the country is fine.

Obviously the local GOP is doing nothing about Democrats in their party. There are more that need to go.

9 thoughts on “Four things you need to know

  1. Congratulations, JOSH BARNETT, for formalizing your covenant as a useful drone in the hive. Remember, your every word and action must serve the hive in every respect and you will get access to MONEY, protection, and an increasingly bigger cell inside the hive. Your moral and ethical conscience, and your opinions, are what we say they are — namely, do as thou wilt (abort, cheat, steal, bully) as long as it serves the hive. This is an all-or-nothing membership so…stay useful!

  2. Josh Barnett may someday realize that he has given up his safe haven of freedom for a few bits of silver enlisting in slavery to those who will soon enough view him too as a useless eater. That is the only saving grace.

    1. He’s obviously a good liar/actor so they’ll probably keep him around for a bit!

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