Normal’s Yellow Water

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal has another water problem in an older section of the Town. Stan Nord brought it up in Council comments last night. Pam Reece claims the Town has been trying to help the woman who has contacted them over and over. Her home also had severe flooding last year that wrecked her finished basement.

Pam Reece had a sample of her water next to her showing it was perfectly clear after the hydrants were flushed for the second time. Hey Ms. Reece: 7:10 pm last night:

Anybody at the Town want to dive in?

This picture shows the water on her street after the hydrant was flushed. Dirty water came from the water main!

Pam may or may not know I’ve been copied on all correspondence. I’ve got lots of other pictures too. I’m told residents around Grove, Searle, and Richard are having issues. None of the Council members live in that area, the only Trustee that cares is Stan Nord.

Below is Nord’s comment last night and Ms. Reece’s response. Residents with water quality issues need to contact Stan Nord, the last water main replacement in that area only happened because he made it an issue.

Residents pay a fortune for water, they deserve to get clear water. I’m told others know contacting Ms. Reece is useless, they are letting this one woman deal with her instead. I don’t want to print the exact quote she provided, I bet you can guess. 😆

7 thoughts on “Normal’s Yellow Water

  1. Disguarding and demeaning people and their concerns and labeling them “crazy” and troublemakers is how counties and cities continue their charade and call it business. It’s not right and not isolated to Normal am afraid. Taxpayer and bill payers are minions to the county and cities.time and time again.

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  2. I just got a Scott Preston for state rep. card on my door. Do you know if Scott is supporting Stan on fixing the yellow water in Normal or is Scott ok with people drinking urine colored water?


  3. And this doesn’t even include a problem that Normal and Bloomington continue to ignore.. the storm water system and sanitary sewer system are supposed to be separate. When will they be budgeting for this work? They’ve neglected it for 25 years. When is it time to actually fix it?

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