Bus service to Rivian: $1 million

By: Diane Benjamin

This won’t be the only story from the Normal Town Council meeting last night.

How did employees get to Diamond Star? How did they get to Mitsubishi? Neither had bus service. Who wants bus service now? How many of those buses will be empty for the low low price of $1,000,000?

General Manager David Braun: (18 seconds)

In this clip Braun claims they haven’t seen more riders on the buses due to high gas prices. The industry is looking forward to $5 gas, they think that is the breaking point: (19 seconds)

9 thoughts on “Bus service to Rivian: $1 million

  1. Connect Transit will pour $1 Million into a route for Rivian but they won’t give service to trailer parks and public housing in SW Bloomington. I guess that tells you the clientele Connect values more.

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  2. Rivian previously paid Timi’s Tours to bus their employees in from various hotels. Rivian should be paying for this Connect Transit Service. Why should the hardworking taxpayers of BN pay for this???

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  3. Why is a private business entitled to taxpayer funds to get their people to work? Government has no business in any private business…ever! NEVER…EVER.

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  4. It’s interesting how he thinks that $5 for gasoline people will start making other choices. Really? When was the last time gas was $5/gallon? NEVER


  5. Rivian should contract with Connect to run the shuttle buses from the remote lots. Also, couldnt First student have a partnership with connect when they are short of drivers?


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