Know Your Child’s Rights

By: Diane Benjamin

This document is amazing. Parents have rights too, schools have to provide you with ALL materials used to teach. Schools can’t use surveys to gather information on your kids without your permission. We know they are breaking that one!

Schools can’t sell your child’s information without your consent. Schools can not discriminate based on skin color regardless of what that color is – like WHITE. Schools can’t force your kids to affirm ideas you don’t agree with. Children have a right not to speak, they can’t be forced to speak in support of any ideas they don’t agree with. Speech can’t be banned simply because the school doesn’t agree with it.

Political activity in a classroom is prohibited. Contact information for the Southeastern Legal Foundation is on the last page. They wrote this document.

Download the guidebook. Your children have a RIGHT to not be indoctrinated in Public Schools.

5 thoughts on “Know Your Child’s Rights

  1. Good info!
    It makes me sick to see how the main stream democrats (not just far leftist, progressives, liberals, neo socialist, marxists) have decided to ignore laws, common sense, the constitution, founding principles, christian principles, family principles, etc, and plow headlong to bulldoze America to impose their unpopular, unacceptable will.

    Hopefully they won’t do too much more damage before the midterms.

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