Public Comment from Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

There is MUCH more to cover from last night’s meeting, stay tuned.

How many people did this guy speak for last night? Just hit play:

Donna Boelen had one of the many “comments of the night”. Tim Gleason stated again only Rowe Construction bids on road work. Donna thinks out of town contractors shouldn’t be penalized if they want to bid. They already have a disadvantage of moving their equipment from farther away. If the Council wants more road work done that Rowe can’t handle, get out of town bids.

Just hit play:

All those red shirts behind the speaker in the first video are from Moms Demand Action. They want the committee Mollie Ward presented to solve the local gun violence. Did they hear the Police Chief say Fentanyl is here? Who is bringing it in? Will a committee stop gangs from shooting each other? Who have they talked to about the cause and what is being done? One lady claimed her son is scared of being shot in school. If he’s at BHS I can see why, but that is school failing to protect the students that want to learn while pretending all kids are there for the same reason.

Government doesn’t solve problems. If Bloomington wanted to solve anything they wouldn’t have spent almost $15 million on a water park that will be open a few months a year. Of course many that supported a waterpark are gone leaving the current Council with their mess.

It sounds like Bloomington has another big sewer problem nobody except Sheila Montney mentioned. More on that one later. If you want a preview, see 46:30.






One thought on “Public Comment from Bloomington

  1. As usual they deliberately get it wrong. It is CRIMINAL VIOLENCE! Guns don’t do anything unless someone pulls the trigger. This is a PEOPLE problem. They sure are good at parroting their assigned talking points though.
    Also, children are no longer safe in public schools because the adults who work at the schools no longer punish the criminals for bad behavior. They are the victim too, not just the kid he or she pummeled, kicked, punched, slapped, beat, assaulted, etc. Homeschool or private school.

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