4 pics you need to see

By:  Diane Benjamin First refer back to yesterday’s story:   https://blnnews.com/2019/02/09/remember-when-bloomington-was-broke/ The City of Bloomington will be adding yet another Quality of Life location most of the population will never use.  EVERY Quality of Life location they have now loses money, including the zoo.  Even though local soccer people have finally taken it on themselves to […]

The CLUELESS running for office

By:  Diane Benjamin Last Saturday the McLean County Republican Party held a debate for the candidates running for Bloomington City Council.  The only candidate to decline the invitation was Jenn Carrillo who is running to replace Karen Schmidt. The debate was filmed by the GOP and linked here in 4 parts, each around 15 minutes.  […]

Bloomington: Socialism coming

By: Diane Benjamin It has been easy for socialists to take over Bloomington  – the citizens haven’t paid attention for years.  When they don’t show up to vote it’s easy for the far left to win.  April 2nd Tari Renner will likely get the Council he wants, and along with the Welcoming Ordinance: http://www.wglt.org/post/renner-may-revisit-welcoming-city-ordinance-after-april-election?fbclid=IwAR1tfK4ePtAvcM1W_NCE-ueb-fwb3_ZYx5uBOXirWeoISOTNXA_Li9k7QAo#stream/0 Read […]

Pantagraph bias

By:  Diane Benjamin Sometimes the biased reporting of the Pantagraph is clear. Gee, they left one word out of the following:    https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/mcbride-to-run-again-for-normal-council/article_2343d2f9-03af-5b94-833c-eb1310ce6228.html Chissell was just elected in March.  I’m betting she was the only person running, but BECVOTE.org doesn’t have the primary election results posted:     http://www.becvote.org/wordpress/electiondatesandoffices/pastresults/ Keep that in mind when Democrats say the […]

Tari is grooming candidates!

By:  Diane Benjamin Renner was on WGLT earlier this month talking about the Council changes that will happen next year since two alderman have announced they aren’t running for re-election.  The story says nothing about his comments, you have to listen to the 4 minute interview: http://www.wglt.org/post/sage-wont-seek-re-election-bloomington-city-council#stream/0 Tari is actively recruiting, grooming and supporting candidates […]

Ward 2 – Donna Boelen announcment

PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release: I, Donna Boelen, am formally announcing my intent to run for Bloomington City Council representing Ward 2. I have been a resident of Bloomington for 26 years.  My children attended District 87 schools.  My son graduated from ISU.  As a result, I have an emotional attachment to this City. I […]

Abusing Citizens gets the Council’s OKAY

By:  Diane Benjamin Since the Council has been deadly silent over holding Tari Renner accountable for his latest antics, we can only assume they think Renner’s behavior and ethics is very much becoming of local public servants. Will they start calling people “nasty” and “liars” next? I guess that’s what we can expect. It’s been […]