Bloomington? Paying attention yet?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I wasn’t at all upset when the Democrats won back the US House last year.  We now get to see their far left lunacy for two whole years.  If the GOP had held all branches of government they would have lost big in 2020.  With Democrats advocating killing babies born alive, reparations, open borders, and abolishing the electoral college – soon only radicals will be members of the Democrat Party.  #WalkAway

The same will happen in Bloomington.  The new Council will show the good people of Bloomington the Democrat party has left them behind.  Hello Sanctuary City!  The Council will have two college professors, two State Farm lawyers, and two gay members.

Are we going to hear about LGBTQ issues non-stop along with Social Justice demanding redistribution of your wealth?  You didn’t think the election was really about roads did you?

The Democratic Socialists are going to be entertaining!  Get the popcorn ready and hide your wallet, two years until the next election.  Bloomington is going to see first hand what they did and didn’t vote for.

New coalitions will be formed, Donna Boelen won’t be the only one finally representing taxpayers.  I bet some of the other new members will shortly be taking a trip somewhere so they can be “managed”.

Bloomington needs their own Stan Nord and Marc Tiritilli.  Time to step up!

Before anybody flips out:


14 thoughts on “Bloomington? Paying attention yet?

  1. Another murder on the east side last night and two in critical condition. A sanctuary city will only make matters worse. Welcoming illegals in with all the riff-raff that comes with it, will be another nail in the coffin for B-N. It’s becoming a mini-Sh*tcago down here in corn country.

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  2. On a positive note, the people of Normal spoke loud and clear yesterday. It was a complete repudiation of the massive government spending, runaway Uptown boondoggle, and crony system. Nord and Smith didn’t cost each other votes, as Koos & Co. hoped, they both finished in the top 3. Lorenz was likely spared over McBride because she began to say things like ‘all of Normal’ and ‘not just Uptown’ (I’m paraphrasing here), whereas McBride double-down on sophomoric Facebook posts and overly defending Uptown and the town’s spending. Toodle loo, RC. At least you still have your state-run media job to fall back on at the Ministry of Propaganda.


    1. Lorenz played her cards pretty well too. She saw the fire station battle and capitalized on it. She sided with the residents of Black Stone Trails and got their votes. My only major concern with Lorenz now is that she’s become a powerful swing vote and if Koos gets his way, she’ll vote with him. We’ll see what happens.

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  3. Crabill is just the male version of Carrillo. Another mystery out-of-towner that moves around every five years or so and just happens to land in BN. Also an active member in Illinois People’s Action so a Democratic Socialist or worse. Interesting you here little to nothing about where these people grew up, who their family members are and what their outside interests are outside of running for office. What are they hiding? If someone doesn’t step up and challenge and defeat Renner or his appointed go-to the next time, Bloomington is done forever. COB Council now resembles San Francisco Board of Supervisors. “Social Justice” is now number one concern on the city. Witness the influx of all sorts of deadbeats to this burgh over the next four years. You haven’t experienced anything yet.

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    1. I suspect what happened in Normal this election will happen in the next election in Bloomington. Not quite rock bottom just yet. Jenn and Crabs will wear their hammer and sickle on their sleeves.


  4. It seems after the record losses in the midterms and now this local swing that the pendulum is swinging back towards the middle.


    1. Tom, Not sure I understand your post…….”losses in the midterms” (and GOP Senate gains) were far from “the record”. And more importantly, ANY city council dominated by deviants and Marxists is about as far from “towards the middle” as you can get.

      Will admit that, at least temporarily, things do look a little brighter in Normal, however.


  5. Pantagraph doing its best impersonation of Pravda today deleting comments that tell too much truth about Koos, Renner, McBride, Crabill and Carrillo. Understand that North Carolina Carlo was the man behind the curtain for Jennifer at the bequest of his IWU buddy Renner.


  6. When Bloomington up the gas tax to 8 cents per gallon, I declared them dead to me. Now with this election I am doing what the state department does and am issuing a travel advisory to Bloomington. Unstable leadership and personal safety as the reasons.


  7. Sad sad times Diane. What happened? We are both children of the sixties….times of change and division. Bad times. I came home to peace marchers spitting at us. That’s our generation? Sad but true. Those same folks went into government and higher education and poisoned the next generation. Shrewdly, those that want to “fundamentally change America” knew they had to eliminate the Judeo-Christian tenants, thus secularism became the mantra. Our old paradigms have not only been eliminated they’ve been vilified! Religious or not that was our moral compass. Now everything that was isn’t. Everything that was right is wrong. Everything that was wrong is right. I’m confused,very very confused. I may not agree with liberalism but I accept the fact that we as humans have moved “progressively” more liberal since time began. Jesus was a huge liberal. But since President Bush left office Marxism has glaringly come to the surface, calling itself progressivism, really just Communism in its infantile form. And the youngest of us welcome it, embrace it, even revere it! They have no idea. None. I really don’t want to be a defeatist, so give me thoughts for hope that we’ll not become a France or Germany or maybe even a U.S.S.R. Venezuela??

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