Incompetence! ISU

By:  Diane Benjamin

It really isn’t difficult to stop employees from pocketing your money.  The City of Bloomington leaders buried their heads underground when they were repeatedly told about CIAM, evidently ISU did the same thing at Bone Student Center.

Pantagaph article:

A woman is accused of stealing $161,000 going ll the way to 2013.  Nobody noticed?  Nobody compared receipts to deposits?  Nobody cared to protect cash?  That money isn’t the property of Illinois State University – it belongs to you!

Anybody believe this is the only failure at ISU?  Anybody think ISU is fiscally responsible with money taken from taxpayers, but just failed in this one small area?

When I graduated with an accounting major from ISU, I think the department was rated #5 nationwide.  It appears ISU didn’t bother to use their own department to create safeguards.  Obviously audits were useless too.

This is complete incompetence by government.  They aren’t forced to care because they know where to find more money when needed, get more from the State or raise tuition.

It is appalling that an employee was allowed to steal for so long.  Taxpayers deserve an apology from President Dietz.  

Don’t expect one however, Bloomington still hasn’t apologized for CIAM.



4 thoughts on “Incompetence! ISU

  1. This isn’t even a drop in the bucket of the rampant corruption veiled by incompetence that permeates our State government. Unless you experience these shenanigans by being in State government and in State politics, you cannot comprehend how sad things are. “To lie, cheat and steal” should be embroidered on our State flag.

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  2. ISU is too busy hiring another diversity liaison and dedicating an art building to be bothered by such things as fiscal accountability. C’mon, Diane!

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