WOW Normal!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos didn’t get the lesson from two years ago when he only defeated Marc Tiritilli by 11 votes.  Last night the voters in Normal sent a baseball bat to the head message:  We demand a new direction!

Two of the top three winners took on the Koos and company agenda, Stan Nord CRUSHED the rest of the candidates.  Congrats to Karyn Smith too.  Karl Sila got a lot of votes as a write-in even though he was barely mentioned in the media and not allowed in debates.

Kathleen Lorenz got re-elected but she sure didn’t get the message.  She told the rag “We plan our work and we work our plan”.  Anybody home Kathleen?  The “plan” got defeated last night overwhelmingly.

RC McBride blamed President Trump for his defeat.  Maybe he can do a comedy segment on WGLT.  That’s pretty funny.

Chris Koos’s campaign manager was soundly defeated, even with campaign signs everywhere.  The three far leftists were not  a factor because of the turnout for other candidates.

Two more years folks . . . hopefully Marc Tiritilli will run for mayor and more good candidates for Council will step up.  Until then the rest of the Council  should be reading the tea leaves.

Uptown 2.0 should be dead.  Free land to developers should be dead.  Subsidized luxury apartments must die.  Public Comment policy must be made legal.  Stop spending money trying to get the rest of the country to pay for an underpass.  Start listening too citizens instead of “the plan”.  Maybe somebody can find a tenant for that empty space on the circle, or is the building owner making enough from taxpayers renting an entire floor?

FYI:  Supposed Republican Scott Preston did a Facebook video supporting RC.  In two years he too can leave.

Hear any crying or gnashing of teeth emanating from Uptown?




18 thoughts on “WOW Normal!

  1. I’m so looking forward to these next Council meetings. It feels so good to have a couple on the Council now who’ll voice citizens’ concerns…instead of rolling their eyes and ignoring citizens who disagree with them.

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    1. Koos doesn’t take too kindly to those with a different viewpoint than his, especially on ‘his’ council. Let’s see if he can keep his composure. Pass the popcorn, B.

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  2. It is hilarious to hear ISU’s propaganda chief McBride whining about Trump. Hey RC… maybe the people are sick of your FAKE NEWS and realize the problem in Washington is not Trump but the Obama/Clinton/Fake News failed attempt at a coupe! Good Riddance Traitor!!!!

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    1. And once the full Mueller report is released…. Trump is going to prison right? (TDS) Trump Derangement Syndrome is a horrible illness. No RC, you lost because people finally realized that you are a water carrier and shill for the Mayor Koos posse of crazies. Nothing to do with our great president! Now can you just go away? Far away? Please?


  3. I’m not a legal “resident” of Illinois but I sent your “go vote” posts to everyone I know that still is…..congrats Diane, I know you are making a difference!! Thank you, Bob Rebbec

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  4. I think that social media misinformation was to blame for RC losing his spot as Shill-in-Chief. Yes RC, the truth set us free from you and we are VERY happy about it. #MAGA


  5. I take offense to RC’s comment about our great President. I’m on a natural high from RC losing!! Thanks RC, it feels real good!


  6. RC McBride’s comments prove the voters were right. As a side note WGLT station license comes up for renewal Dec 1 2020. The FCC moderates this. The station is expected to operate for the public’s best interests Do you feel as a publicly funded station WGLT does this? Make your views known by filing your opinion with the FCC and adding your opinion to the station’s public comment file which by law they have to maintain on line. These comments are considered in deciding if the station’s license is renewed.
    Cheers to Tazwell county voters in saying no for the 4TH time to a sales tax for schools. People are finally figuring out that the overpaid administrators (which there are too many) and belief that throwing money into a bottomless well will bring results. Stop spending millions on football fields (Mackinaw) and other non traditional education programs and teach the basics so the students can make change for a dollar without a calculator and using “totally” or “like” as every other word to construct a sentence. Yeah totally like to the max!

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  7. WOW is right, Diane. This was an amazing election. From what I heard this morning, Town admin is losing their minds. They all know their beloved “plans” are going to fall apart now. The underpass is dead, the fire station is dead, and even Trail East development is in jeopardy. Watching those votes roll in last night was so awesome. I could hear the cries from the GLT crowd from miles away!

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    1. They are going to need a mop and a bucket over at city hall for all the tears falling on the floors! Poor RC! He is not part of the Koos Treehouse club anymore…. I am sure he can still be a shill and water carrier for the Koos Posse. WGLT has become the voice of city hall thanks to him. He needs to be called out for his obvious bias and outright cooperation with moving the city’s agenda and narrative forward with a PUBLIC radio station. Fire RC! We are tired of being lied to and propagandized by a liberal elite with a radio station.


      1. Note you disgust with the FCC and put a letter in their public file. License is up for renewal 12/1/20. See my above post.


  8. I don’t see HOW ole R. C. can blame TRUMP, when it seems ALL of his “ilk” have KNOWN since BEFORE the Mueller report that it’s Putin and his Cossacks interfering with elections. They can’t even keep an alibi right!!
    Way to go Normal, and GET RID OF THAT “UPTOWN” crap. That’s ELITIST!
    Next stop for the MAGA train—BLOOMINGTON!


  9. Koos and his ego won’t stop pushing the Uptown and big government agenda. He and Lorenz can’t take a hint – a big one at that – from this election. In my opinion, they’ll double-down on their “vision” and in the process essentially hand Tiritilli the mayor’s office next cycle. Koos stepped on the gas after barely eeking out a victory last election, and this second lesson in which his handpicked selections went 1 of 3 with two fiscal conservatives elected. I wonder if the Council members that were not up for re-election this cycle will think twice before each vote for now on. Koos might not take a hint, but the other members are probably not as eager with their rubber stamp. Hmm…


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