Is ISU teaching Socialism?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This guy ran for Normal Town Council – note the shirt:

Joel Studebaker

He was wearing this shirt on election night.  He is a graduate of Illinois State University.  So is Jenn Carrillo, a self-called democrat socialist.

How many other kids leave ISU as socialists?  Is Illinois State University creating socialists on purpose?  Our tax dollars are used for student loans and ISU operations, so we are forced to fund these socialists in training.

Socialism is the opposite of how this county was founded.  ISU is producing graduates that want to overthrow the Constitution by vote.   Is that the goal ISU?

Socialism means government controls the means of production.  ISU controls the means of production at Bone Student Center.  ISU evidently did nothing to prevent employee theft there:

In case you didn’t know, the alleged thief was released on personal recognizance – no money!


This is what socialism is – government incompetence.  Socialists win elections by saying they are for the people.  They make promises they can not keep.  When they fail, only force and fixed elections keep them in power.  Illinois doesn’t have 40 days of voting and voting by mail by accident.  It is a direct assault on fair elections.  Whoever can con more voters wins.  The voters in Normal weren’t conned!

Joel posted on Facebook yesterday about Connect Transit.  He isn’t happy with them, but he fails to connect the dots.  Connect Transit is a huge socialist program that doesn’t work.  CT keeps running out of other people’s money.  Routes have been rearranged and cut.  Now they are going to raise fares.

joel bus

Joel was silly enough to post the survey on his Facebook page.  He marked a box claiming his income is between $35,000 and $49,000 and that he is single living alone.  He also claims he has been a rider for 4 years and doesn’t own a car.  He must waste a lot of time on the bus since he also has to transfer to another line to get to work.

Joel’s comment proves socialism is a failure.  He just doesn’t see what is right in front of his face.

If Illinois State University is not in the business of promoting socialism, they need to do a better job teaching its failures.  They have way too many graduates walking around giving the school a bad name.  How about some pics of Venezuela’s empty store shelves, starving people, blackouts, and violence in the streets on the ISU website.  

Don’t plan a trip there Joel, you won’t be able to charge your cell phone.

Interested in facts Joel?

42 thoughts on “Is ISU teaching Socialism?

  1. Poor, poor, Joel. The bus didn’t provide clipboards so he had to use his leg. Sometimes and most probably in this case, ya just can’t fix stupid. Or perhaps in the world of socialist learning common core, stupid is stoopid. Big thanks to the voters in Normal for not electing this yo-yo into the Koos regime.

  2. Yes students are being indoctrinated at both universities. How far down has this gone ? high school ? grade school? Kindergarten? How much work does the Democrat County Chair do on State time ? Does the leadership of ISU even care ? Where is the Illinois AG? Politicking on state time is against the law!

  3. According to Chris Koos, Joel was part of an overcrowded ballot that resulted in Tuesday’s defeat of Koos’ candidates and Stan Nord winning by over 5 percentage points ahead of the second place finisher. See today’s Pravdagraph.

    And yes, ISU is teaching socialism. Erik Rankin is the teacher.

    1. If so (re Koos’ comment) then I’m very happy to have played my part! Thing is, even if one split all of the ‘spare leftist’ votes, Plus mine, and assumed they would have gone to the Koos slate, Stan Still would have won, though Karyn would not.

      And ISU Does Not teach socialism. If they did, graduates would come out having learned why it cannot work and what a failure it is. ISU *Preaches* socialism.

      1. If one knew more about Koos and his off hour activities, none of this would be a surprise.

  4. Yes many of our students at ISU are being heavily indoctrinated with Socialism and even Communism it saddens me to see this being done to them.. Larry Deitz himself is very happy with this because he is an Alt-leftist just like Political Science Professor Eric Rankin (Commie) one of the chief indoctrinators! I do all I can when given an open door with my students to try and explain the importance of our American Heritage with our Constitutional Rights that we do have as American citizens and we must never lose that. Our youth need protection from these vultures that prey upon their minds to convince them to Hate the America we were always raised to Love and Respect!

  5. This kind of instruction has been going on at ISU and other institutions for years. I took my fair share of history and government courses in the late seventies. Instructors we’re always trying to influence you to think like them. The difference was the students had more common sense than the professors and knew better. Now, not so much. The local school that has really went down the political rabbit hole is IWU. Absolutely no connection to its religious foundation. The only sane portion of the student body left is their athletes. A long line of East Coast influence of past and present presidents and academic leadership has expedited its demise in teaching common sense. Wesleyan is far more radical politically than ISU.

  6. Kind of related. Pantagraph disabled/deleted all comments on Normal election results story. RC McBride (McBribe) was taking a beating, followed by comrade Koos. One has to wonder if WGLT general manager RC put the screws to Pantagraph.
    Would fit well in their socialist state. Wouldn’t be the first time that they have been together in censorship.

    1. Ha! “McBribe”…that’s funny. Personally, I like “Runaway McBride”…as in chased out of office by the fed up taxpayers of Normal.

    2. The local Fake News outlets have to try to prop each other up with their coverup for the Koos crowd’s annihilation at the ballot box. Sounds like leftist COLLUSION to me!

  7. Oh, the irony! Joel, an admitted socialist, complaining about the inefficiency and failures of a government-funded agency/program to service its customers and exercise common sense. Haha!

  8. Our government is and always has been socialist

    If you have a social security card you are a card causing socialist.

    1. Nice try! We were forced by a socialist to enroll and get money stolen by government. It isn’t a program you can chose to participate in. You’ve posted this twice, next time it will be deleted.

      1. When exactly did Mr. Studebaker’s right to free speech get suspended? When exactly his right to wear what he wants to wear get suspended? I bet anything if he was wearing a MAGA hat, you’d be defending his right to wear that hat. Also, when exactly did the word “socialist” become dirty?

  9. Obviously Joel isn’t paying his “Fair Share” when he rides the massively subsidized bus that the vast majority of taxpayers don’t use… or need!

  10. Anybody know where “Commie Joel” works? If it is a private employer, it’s time for customers to lean on the business owner.

  11. “When Marx invented it and Hitler implemented it. Millions of people have died because of socialism, it’s tragic to see history repeating itself by uniformed kids.”

    Excuse me, Hitler DID NOT “implement” socialism. NAZI was a fascist totalitarianism of extreme right wing ideology, they certainly didn’t “implement” socialism. Just because something has “socialist” in the name it doesn’t mean they actually were socialist. Is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea either democratic or a republic? NO. To state that Hitler somehow “implemented” socialism is historically wrong.

    In this country Social Security lifts 35 percent (some 14 million) of the population out of poverty. That’s 14 million people. This includes many elderly women who tend to suffer from poverty at a higher rate. Again to state that socialism is killing people is clearly wrong.

    And you have yet to answer my question which was when did Mr. Studebaker give up his right to free speech? Also were did he give up his right to wear what he wants?

      1. Again, Germany in the NAZI era was not a socialist country and neither was the Soviet Union. Both were totalitarian governments who used murder and oppression for control which has nothing what so ever to do with socialism. Socialism gave us both Social Security and Medicare. Neither of which are killing anyone. Perhaps you need to curtail your use of Google search for everything, since not everything on the internet is true.

        And again, you haven’t answered my question when exactly did Mr. Studebaker give up his right to free speech? Also why this hit piece on him? It seems to be incredibly mean spirited and petty.

    1. Pixio,

      “Commie Joel” has a right to wear anything he wants–nobody says he doesn’t. But we have every right to reject him soundly at the ballot box and adopt the Left-wing tactics of leaning on his employer. Socialism is a criminal ideology based upon stealing the property and wealth of others. Some of us proudly choose to fight against that–every day!

    2. In Mein Kamp, Hilter does in fact support and did support many aspects of socialism, communal and national ownership of all German businesses for one as well as national food production and forceful overtaking of land which he saw as “German” which would be the “property of the people.” Although a staunch anti-communist, Hitler’s vision for the next German Reich contained many socialist principles. Your contentions are more apt for Italy and Spain of the time than Germany. Social Security is paid for by the taxpayer through a deduction in your paycheck if you work. It was conceived by FDR as a savings plan for workers during the Great Depression. Never intended as a government handout program but a retirement savings program.

  12. I bet that ole Koos REALY hates the fact that the RUSSIANS meddling in the elections messed up HIS slate of SOCIALISTS, as we ALL know that when the Democrats=Socialists lose, it’s the Russians!! NYET!!
    Nas Dravya!!

  13. Years ago some author wrote that the 4th Reich would arise in the United States. Are we there yet?

  14. “Do you know both of those socialist ponzu schem ate close to bankrupt? Your taxes have to increase to pay for your forced socialist elders. Congrats”

    What’s a ponzu schem? Maybe you should do more research before you spout off. No, neither Social Security or Medicare are “close” to bankruptcy. As of 2017, in fact Social Security Trust Fund reserves stood at $2.82 trillion, up $19 billion from the previous year. Socialist elders? How old are you? 63? It seems like you’re going to be one of those “socialist elders” in a few years. Congrats.

      1. So you’re going back over 50 years ago? LBJ “stole” the trust fund? LOL. No he didn’t. That’s a total myth. Again, NOT everything on the Internet is true.

        “The Social Security Administration responds directly to this claim. The Social Security Trust Fund has never been “put into the general fund of the government.” For this myth to be fact, it would require a 50 year conspiracy that crosses administrations, political parties, and ideologies. The only word in the English language to describe this suspicion is crazy.”

        Get a grip. Your hysterical post of one person wearing a T-shirt is more than a little unhinged. Is ISU teaching “socialism”. Well, I would hope so in Poli Sci classes. Your grasp of what is socialism is poor to say the least. You keep on conflating it with totalitarianism and oppressive dictatorships, neither which are socialism.

  15. I have never read something so uneducated in my life. Hey friends guess what when you go to college they give you facts and you form an opinion based off of those facts. For example some of us realize that public transportation is a part of a functional society and has nothing to do with socialism. It’s almost as if the combination of critical thinking skills and an education as well as listening to other people’s world views gives people more accepting views. If I were you I wouldn’t be proud of the fact that you probably dropped out and just vote for the most racist candidate.

    1. Thank you for proving you lack critical thinking skills. Connect budgets a $12 million loss every year while empty buses are destroying the streets. Functional society? Only if you want to bankrupt it. Oh, and I am a less than proud ISU graduate.

  16. Look up the highest rated education systems in the world some time. Finland – Socialist, Norway – Socialist. Or how about the best life expectancies, yep all Socialist countries. Oh, how about the happiest people- oops all Socialist. Yes if you want the most multi- billionaires more capitalism works, but I’m guessing there are no multi- billionaires responding to this article.

    1. Nice try, but they aren’t socialist countries. They are rich capitalist countries with a large social welfare program. Even they realize handouts make people.lazy, therefore they are cutting them back. Get your education in public schools or watching #fakenews?

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