Bloomington Payments 4/8/19

By:  Diane Benjamin

5 more employees are spiking their pensions- Sick Leave Buy Back:

5 spike

The $1,600 charged by the EDC (not including travel) so Tari could attend One Voice didn’t cover the expenses:

One Voice Renner exp

Did you know when you use a credit card the merchant gets charged a fee for  processing?  Fees vary, hopefully somebody is comparing them occasionally.

If citizens pay their bills to the City of Bloomington by credit card, they are charged before they get the money.  All of the below are on the payments list for Monday – PDF page 98 and following.  These total $95,008.40 for November thru February.  That means in one year likely around $300,000 goes for nothing but processing fees.



6 thoughts on “Bloomington Payments 4/8/19

    1. It could only happen soon enough to change it.

      Two questions for the City Manager: 1.) How many people left qualify for SLBB? 2.) How many would retire immediately?

      I say force their hand to retire if you aren’t going to change the program and continue to allow people to do this. Whether it’s this year or next or two years down the road, you’re going to have the pay the money anyway if you don’t change the program. If they retire now and aren’t maxed out, it will save money down the road. Just say you won’t be able to offer raises to anyone without a contract or insert raises into new contracts for anyone until the SLBB payouts are completed.


  1. In the Business world these days, if you use plastic it is not uncommon to have to pay 3% for using it. Not saying every business but it appears to be expanding.


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