Sick Leave Buy Back isn’t gone!

By: Diane Benjamin I thought there was a deadline for City of Bloomington employees to retire if they wanted to spike their pensions, but evidently it’s still happening: These two employees will receive much higher pension benefits merely because nobody at the City stopped them. This fleece has cost Bloomington taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars […]

Bloomington – Monday Payments

By:  Diane Benjamin A little history: A lot of department spending at the City of Bloomington is done by PCard.  Since December isn’t a month with conferences to attend and employees are more likely to take time off, it shouldn’t be a surprise PCard spending is lower than usual: January: February: So […]

Normal: Monday’s agenda and bills

By:  Diane Benjamin This statement is in the minutes for approval from the last meeting: Koos had 7 people interested, 3 that had filled out the on-line form.  See this previous story: Normal allows spiking too.  CDM (Children’s Discovery Museum) Foundation Board has 13 Board members.  Since the Board is a non-profit, why did […]

Bloomington Payments 4/8/19

By:  Diane Benjamin 5 more employees are spiking their pensions- Sick Leave Buy Back: The $1,600 charged by the EDC (not including travel) so Tari could attend One Voice didn’t cover the expenses: Did you know when you use a credit card the merchant gets charged a fee for  processing?  Fees vary, hopefully somebody […]

Update: Council is selling out taxpayers tonight

No discussion!  Passed 9-0 along with the rest of the consent agenda.   By:  Diane Benjamin Citizens are OUTRAGED that City employees have been allowed to spike their pensions by accumulating sick days.  The costs to taxpayers is close to $2 million. Tonight the Council will approve a new union contract, with a $200 signing […]