Bloomington – Monday Payments

By:  Diane Benjamin

A little history:

A lot of department spending at the City of Bloomington is done by PCard.  Since December isn’t a month with conferences to attend and employees are more likely to take time off, it shouldn’t be a surprise PCard spending is lower than usual:

dec pcard


jan pcard


feb pcard

So what happened in March?

mar pcard

Likely April will be even lower.  See all the PCard spending starting on PDF page 98.

The list has lots of conferences refunds.

Other spending:

The rush to retire and spike pensions continues:

4-27-a slbb

Once the spiking ends I will FOIA what allowing employees to spike pensions cost you.  It’s in the MILLIONS!   Wire transfers to IMRF totaling $291,084.09 are included before the PCard list.

Coliseum:  The fleece that keeps on taking:

coliseum 6

Previous payments:

coliseum 5

Coliseum 4

coliseum 3

coliseum 2

coliseum 1

Grand total:  $309,136.32

The only arena bid listed for 2019 was replacing the fire alarm system, of course details are skechy at best:


refund 1refund 2

Grand Total:  $3,500.00

More Coliseum:

More colsieum

more coliseum 2

more coliseum 3

Repairs to the Coliseum amount to almost half of what was reportedly cut from concrete and asphalt at the last meeting.  (Who needs good roads anyway)

I’m sure you can find other questionable spending, glance through it.


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