Sick Leave Buy Back isn’t gone!

By: Diane Benjamin

I thought there was a deadline for City of Bloomington employees to retire if they wanted to spike their pensions, but evidently it’s still happening:

These two employees will receive much higher pension benefits merely because nobody at the City stopped them. This fleece has cost Bloomington taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars because higher City contributions are required to cover the cost.

If voters had abolished the Bloomington Election Commission and allowed all elections to be run by the County Clerk – who voters CAN hold responsible for screwing up – this expense wouldn’t exist:

The City no longer prints the details of P-Card spending. On Monday’s bills are two long lists of charges with no descriptions. The lists are from July and August, see pages PDF 143 and following. Evidently citizens are suppose to trust somebody makes sure employees aren’t misusing their City card.

Do you trust City employees and the people who supervise them?

The citizens of Dixon Il trusted their government

The way to insure theft doesn’t happen is to make it impossible. Printing many pages of charges with no descriptions doesn’t do that.

All wire transfers used to have details. Now none of them do.

Very transparent.

3 thoughts on “Sick Leave Buy Back isn’t gone!

  1. *Support*Good*Candidates*, or they won’t win, or may not even run!

    *Recruit*Good*Candidates* if you can’t find any to support!

    *Become*Good*Candidates* if you can’t recruit any!

    No such thing as ‘perfect’ – most people would be glad to just get ‘better than we have now’!

    Any good candidates for Bloomington Council or Mayor? – It’s still not too late, but it’s getting close!
    Deadlines and requirements for various school & library boards are a little easier iirc, but don’t delay too long!
    Worst case, if there are unopposed Bad candidates, consider running write-in, especially for smaller elections.

  2. Remember that all these pensions also get a 3% automatic raise each year indefinitely. You wonder why the state retirement system is in the sad state that it is in.

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