Subsidized Housing in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

The first floor of One Uptown Circle has never had a tenant.

The second floor is rented by the Town of Normal for close to $36,000 a month.

Need a place to live?

WGLT estimated taxpayers got stuck with 60% of the cost of this building.

Instead of affordable housing, Normal subsidizes luxury living. Anybody sensing a pattern with funding wants while ignoring needs?

Better call quick, I’m sure at these prices they will be gone in no time.

(Just like the people moving somewhere else before December and January)

8 thoughts on “Subsidized Housing in Normal

  1. I am on this one… thanks! I am not going to tell them about my pet pig. If caught my default excuse will be he is my cycling buddy who is visiting from rural Iowa.


    1. 🤣
      Who do they expect to rent these? Dick Durbin (and other fellow marxists) when he visits koos and renner? Or do they price them high so no one rents them? Koos koos potempkin village.

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  2. We have people sleeping in tents and Normal’s subsidized housing is luxury apartments? Whoever decided to use my tax dollars to build luxury apartments needs to sleep in a tent through an Illinois winter. Talk about a lack of compassion.

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    1. Now now – the Green Top was designed to give people in the food desert a place to shop. So many poor people have no place to go to avoid “food insecurity”. The prices are a little on the high side but if we build it they will eventually come there to shop.

      These government subsidized apartments are the same way. I bet the lower income people in Normal are scheduling a walk through right now! Yes the rent is a little high, but I doubt that will deter paycheck-to-paycheck people from jumping on the opportunity to live in Upscale Normal.

      Best to just sit down and shut up. Mayor Koos and his band of clueless elites have got everything under control.

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    2. ISU apts on Shelbourne are empty for the last few years. Family size units and people living in tents…probably about 60 or more units sitting idle. Town of Normal council will not approve for low income…area!

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  3. Further proof that Uptown is a government planning disaster. When you let pretentious, elitist politicians spend taxpayer money on what they want to see, instead of what the market bill bear, this is what you get. We know Koos gets to okay the first-floor “fine dining” restaurant, does he get a say on the tenants in the apartment units as well.

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