I need 1 minute and 17 seconds

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington Alderman Donna Boelen posted this video on Facebook yesterday.  She is a  advocate the Strong Towns philosophy.

Keep in mind I can see how many people read a story.  I can also see how many people CLICK on something I post.  PLEASE watch this really short video, it sums up everything I’ve been saying for years in just over a minute!

The video perfectly states why Illinois is a failing State – Bloomington and Normal aren’t far behind.  Progressives don’t believe in Strong Towns philosophy.

Learn more about Strong Towns here:  https://www.strongtowns.org/about



It’s obvious what current leadership has gotten wrong – it’s called gambling with your money.

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13 thoughts on “I need 1 minute and 17 seconds

  1. Government, from the bottom to the top, should follow this protocol. Maybe the word “Govern” should be banned. We need Community Accountability not governing!

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  2. Diane thanks for sharing.

    This is right on target. Special interest groups have received way too funding for special projects while our basic infrastructure has suffered immensely.

    I also reviewed Diane’s Facebook page and reached out to her.

    Thanks again

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  3. Imagine that…fiscal responsibility!! In order for a City to be strong and sustainable, not only the elected should be held accountable but also the citizens at large. Demand change!!

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  4. Get local private energy and venture capital off the sidelines! I agree 100%!!! Trouble is, those with the capital in BN have no idea how to invest the money in scalable technology companies, new and emerging businesses, and innovators that truly drive a local economy. They prefer instead to park (or squander) money competing in the zero-sum tournament that is the local restaurant scene where the profits are quite literally competed away. These folks have no convictions of their own; they wait to see what others might say and play it safe, so as not to upset the apple cart. “Bloomington beige”

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      1. You make the assumption they have the intelligence to comprehend and understand what was said. They do not.


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