Bloomington Planning Commission

By:  Diane Benjamin

Planning Commission:

According to the website, the Planning commission met on:

  • December 11, 2019
  • November 13, 2019
  • October 9, 2019

One member missed all three meetings:  Eric Penn

Two members missed two out three:  Kevin Suess and Megan McCann

More meetings:

Both Kevin Suess and Eric Penn were absent in August.

Accept for the December 11th meeting the minutes from the previous meeting are included in the next packet.  We don’t know who attended the September 11th meeting since minutes do not exist.

In December the commission barely had enough attendees for a quorum.  The Mayor should immediately replace Eric Penn and ask Kevin Suess if he really wants to stay on the commission.

The Mayor should also demand minutes from the Joint Meeting.  This was the Agenda:

joint agenda

Screen shots of the minutes:

plan ab 1

plan ab 11

plan ab 2

plan ab 3


5 thoughts on “Bloomington Planning Commission

  1. Could these people have attended by phone as is done by the Bloomington City Council on occasion ? Attending and voting via phone is ludicrous and should not be allowed.
    This is worse than the old State House “push my ‘no’ button for me will ya ?”.
    If someone does not attend meetings, replace them.

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      1. I do not have any inside info but….The minutes should have noted such participation but I submit as accurate and truthful things have been in local government….

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  2. The missing members are insignificant bobble head peons. Liberal hacks Justin Boyd runs the show which is either annointed by or rejected by David Stanzcak. Simple, easy peasy.


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