Bloomington: The far left has control

By: Diane Benjamin

Have you heard Joe Biden calling for civility because we are all Americans? It’s cute but he forgot his base isn’t civil. Funny how all the protests and burning businesses have stopped. I suggest businesses don’t dispose of the boarding-up materials:

Joe Biden isn’t president-elect.

The media doesn’t get to declare a winner.

Jenn Carrillo is probably too young to remember Al Gore was in court well into December after declaring himself the winner. It didn’t work out well for him. She made a snide comment about “a new administration” during the meeting.

Public comment last night was 34 minutes of mostly I hate America speech. Besides disparaging Columbus, illegal aliens should be welcomed, and those oppressed by America deserve reparations. One remembered to throw in capitalism is the real evil.

Proving that Biden’s call to come together is a joke to Jenn Carrillo, she was Tweeting during the meeting about speakers and Council members she doesn’t like:

Carrillo has zero respect for anyone who isn’t in lock step with her ideology. If Joe ever becomes president he will find out his base is full of Carrillo types.

The discussion on ditching Columbus Day began is 1:13:30. The Council wasted 43 minutes discussing everything from how evil Columbus was to why he is celebrated worldwide. Donna Boelen had the most profound comments – see 1:49:30. Her statement started with history is not ours to erase.

Julie Imig had another point. In 2019 Tari Renner made a proclamation about Indigenous People’s Day.

The entire discussion was a waste of time since Columbus Day isn’t a city holiday. The issue now goes back to waste more staff time trying to decide what to bring back to Council. Donna Boelen and Kim Bray voted against it, the rest all voted yes.

Evidently the roads can wait, staff was ordered to decide on making Indigenous People’s Day, Columbus Day, Italian Heritage Day, or some combination of all a day. Some urged an event like Council did with Juneteenth.

I see Bloomington going even farther left after the next election. The locals are being run over by radicals because they laid down and allowed it. Congrats. If you thought Joe Biden could return us to sanity, you weren’t paying attention.







29 thoughts on “Bloomington: The far left has control

  1. Tweeting, texting, etc. during a meeting adds one more thing to her disregard for appropriate behavior.

    She and her ilk complaining about the “attacks” on her is a joke. She reaps what she sows and she doesn’t like the blowback. No sympathy here.

  2. I have zero respect for her, none. She needs to go, but I don’t live in Bloomington, so it’s not really my problem. Hopefully the citizens of Bloomington will wake up. In regards to Biden/Trump. Trump is done, he lost, he can’t overturn any of this. He’s only doing this to raise money to pay down his campaign debt. #ByeDon and good riddance.

      1. I pay plenty of attention. He’s done, stick a fork in him. His presidency ended between a crematorium and a sex shop. Fitting.

      2. @BNIndy – have you considered for a moment why he’d hold a press conference at a shop across from a crematorium?

    1. Lol. I love to hear NPCs like you spew what the television told you. Sad that that’s your reality. The rest of us are fully awake and are following what is really going on. You forget that the state legislatures in the contested states are fully Republican, and angry, and as of a month ago the Supreme Court is decidedly conservative. And more and more affidavits and evidence of fraud and tampering is coming to light in this election. But keep your little smug attitude for now. Pride goeth before the fall!

      1. I don’t like him. Plain and simple. He’s an immoral, two-bit con-man. An absolute embarrassment for this country. But, the Conservatives got what they wanted, a conservative court. I’m glad he’ll be out of office on January 20th. I’m not Biden fan either. But, like 2016, we had a choice between two Sh!t sandwiches and we all had to take a bite.

  3. It’s still not too late, but it’s darn close – the time to act is NOW.
    If you’re unhappy with town officials, school boards, or other local elected office-holders,
    * You * need to
    * Support * Good * Candidates * . . . if you can’t find any, You need to
    * Recruit * Good * Candidates * . . . if you can’t, You need to
    * Become * Good * Candidates *

    ‘Good’ doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ or even ‘great’, just better than whoever else is on the ballot!

  4. It would be great if Rev./Ald. Mollie Ward would speak out at the next meeting against the hate speech Ald. Carrillo is spewing. I could not take Rev. Ward seriously in the future if she only stands for those with her on the ‘left’ and not everyone.

  5. It’s easy to see why failures such as Jenn what’s-her-name are communists. She’s gross and unlikable, can’t get anywhere in life, so she wants to burn the world down with her anger. Tear down successful and creative and hard-working people. Same with Tari, he’s gross and skeevy and as phony as they come. I hope the people of Bloomington have pulled their heads out of their azzes enough to actually go vote next election and knock it off with the sociopaths.

  6. I agree with Diane. Doubtful… I don’t live in Bloomington either but I used to work there and shop there. AKa paying sales tax in your community. I still work for a company in Bloomington and will probably never come back into the office. As a result I rarely come to your community and spend money. And because of Jen and her followers and their antics I no longer feel Your city needs my money or is actually safe to visit especially after my first visit to your kohl’s store since the pandemic just last week. It’s boarded up! They have to to protect themselves from Jen and her followers! That made my decision to travel to other communities that are just as close to me to send my money. Good bye Bloomington you are allowing yourself to become a cess pool! ISU has now become your anchor due to the liberalism they preach and distribute. Therefore my family has deemed it as a community that is no longer safe to visit.

  7. Interesting in her tweets she says if she turned into an alt righter, Kim Bray might turn into an antifa supersoldier.
    To me that says a lot.
    1. She accuses Kim of being alt right and takes on the persona of an Antifa Supersoldier. The standard mud sling to any republican that you can’t stand is Alt Right. It has so many negative connotations, including white supremacist, but is actually a foggy nebulous of nothingness with no real definition. Well i suppose it could be anything you want it to be as long as it’s despicable.
    2. The counterpart to the thing she hates and the thing that she thinks Kim might see her as is an – Antifa supersoldier. Are Antifa super? Are they soldiers fighting for the just cause? How exactly does Jenn perceive Antifa?

  8. The headline is accurate. Several factors have led to this shift. Here are some for starters… (1) transient population – individuals live in the community for a short period of time, work for one of a few large(r) employers, and generally aren’t engaged or dialed into the local political process; (2) absence of decent, qualified candidates willing to run – sorry Josh, it’s not due to the lack of pay, but the bs of putting up with Tari and the childish antics of certain council members knowing that you’ll likely be alone in the fight. (Stan is a strong person and the exception to this point.); (3) the far left has a very strong base who show up on election day; and, (4) too many people get something from local government and want to keep the gravy train going, hence they’ll vote for tax-and-spend candidates. What am I missing, folks?

  9. For those of you who don”t like Trump. A big claim to Trump’s campaign was to drain the swamp. Upon taking office he found out just how difficult that job was going to be. And that it would not happen in short time, although minor progress did take place. Perhaps had the lame stream media not dogged him out from day one, much more could have been accomplished. With Biden according to his platform, the U.S will be over run with illegal immigration. Biden says we need a national lockdown and all should wear masks. And he swears that he will “take the guns” obliterating the 2nd Amendment. As a matter of fact Biden disdains the entire Constitution unless he is currently using it for his own defence. The evidence galore of Hunter and himself engaged in teasonous dealings with China. Already Biden is conferring with other nations violating the Logan Act of which was the same issue that General Flynn was persecuted for. It’s funny BN that you note your dislike for Trump as a con man as you instead support one of the biggest liars in this country, that has committed treason, has an obvious bad case of dementia and likes to smaell little girls hair. Might as well mark an “L” on your head.

    1. I don’t support Biden either, never said that. Trump drained the swamp and filled it with his own swamp creatures. Nice try, though. Again, good riddance to him.

  10. Curious…Why has Trump and the GOP accepted the results of the Senate Races but not the Presidential Race? Same ballot. Strange no? And if the Dems were somehow going to cheat the results why not take the Senate too?

    1. Here’s a few examples of a very long list…
      Sonny Perdue
      Mark Maddox 
      Linda McMahon
      Kelly Craft
      David Friedman
      Ronald Gidwitz
      Robert Johnson
      Adrian Zuckerman
      Louis DeJoy
      Betsy DeVos
      Brooke Appleton
Steve Mnuchin
      Chad Wolf 
      Alex Azar
      Kristi Boswell
      Elaine Chao
      Wilbur Ross
      Rick Perry
      Dan Brouillette

  11. But you’re glad Trump’s (according to you) gone, of which he can only be replaced by the other major candidate creepy Joe Biden of which it is clear that you do have a preference.

  12. The demonrats didn’t cheat as much on the senate as it takes more time filling in all thoses dots. Dropping off ballots at 4am was bad enough. Creepy Uncle Joe was their main concern. However they are trying to take two senate races in GA which may give them the majority in the senate. As close as the senate is, they would buy off or threaten, blackmail etc., for the majority they would need if not successful in GA. They’ve already got the house, grab the senate majority and cheat like hell to get the POTUS position and we’re clucked. End of America if the demonrats get it all. End of America if fair and square is flushed down the toilet and the Trump coup is successful.

  13. An amazing quote from James Carville (!!) regarding the ‘Jen’ types… 🙂

    “Some of these woke people need to take a nap.”

      1. I’m pointing out that he’s on the left and thinks they’re nuts. Nothing more. Didn’t say I’m a fan of his, did I? There’s more to the world than absolutes.

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