Public Comment from a guy who wasn’t allowed to speak last night

9 thoughts on “Public Comment from a guy who wasn’t allowed to speak last night

  1. Art: Your argument based on facts would make sense to a group of people that can think for themselves but a large part of the current council is not comprised of those types of individuals. Like you, I am a BN native but we have been overrun in this community by carpetbaggers that come to work at SF and attend or work at local colleges bringing their perverted views of the world with them. Of course, they experience the easy living and lack of accountability for anything and choose to stay. What then transpires are places like Miami, Chicago and Mexico relocated. It has progressed to the point that little remains of a true medium sized Midwest community of people that just want to work, raise a family and basically, be left alone. For all intent and purposes, nonsense of the degree you wanted to address last night is no longer possible now or on the future. Most of the good born and raised locals left long ago seeing what was on the horizon. Transcients of all colors, shapes and sizes full of themselves and lacking any common sense or desire to do what is right are the new local ruling class never to be replaced. Within a decade, BN will be a town of out of control grievance peddlers, boarded up and vacant buildings, residential ghettos and public aid recipients. I figure I have four to five years and counting and once my wife retires, it’s off to somewhere in Indiana or another conservative run state. Best of luck to anyone that stays or has no other choice. You have my sympathies.


    1. I agree with everything MPEABODY has to say. I find it disheartening though. I don’t know yet what the answer is. I think there are so many in town that are doing just that, living their lives and not paying attention to what is going on with the local politics. I had no clue about some of it. My husband and I were invited to a meeting a few years ago that warned about what was coming. Part of me blew it off as conspiracy theory garbage and candidates looking for money. I am sad to say that I did not believe what was being said.

      Those of us in “the silent majority” now need to speak out and get loud. I am not 100% sure how to do this, but something has got to happen. I grew up not too far from Blono and love it here. Close to family and Blono really is a good community (for now).

      There have to be good candidates out there willing to run to keep our community from dying.

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      1. During the final days of Tom Hamilton as city manager an all-in push for making
        BN more diverse was made. No one seems to know “who gave the order” but soon publications featuring “best towns lists” were promoting the area as a great place for inner city people to move to. Many of these same publications touted BN’s acceptance of diverse people’s with a special welcoming of LBGTQs just for good measure. Within a couple of years, the onslaught was on and what you see now occurring is a result of “that promotion.” It has and will change demographics in this area forever and along with it, damn the future of the community.

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  2. Would be interesting to ask members and mayor of the COUNCIL the above questions, (kind of a jeopardy) and see HOW they do. Bet they would ALL flunk out!
    Great History Art!

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