It’s on!

By: Diane Benjamin If you raced to the polls for national elections and proudly wore your I Voted sticker, your vote barely mattered. Your vote does matter in local elections! Many races today will be won by less than 100 votes. Turnout will be the only deciding factor. The elites and socialists are hoping you […]

The Vets don’t agree with Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s Bloomington Council meeting Ryan Whitehouse, Connect Transit Board Chair, declared transportation to the Veterans Clinic isn’t a problem. Veterans do not agree.  No one coordinated construction of the facility with Connect Transit, Bloomington should have made sure transportation would be adequate.  Economic Development must only  matter downtown. As […]

Veterans are immaterial locally

By:  Diane Benjamin Veterans risk their lives to protect our freedom and liberty.  Locally they have to fight just to not be ignored. 1) Remember the story of the disabled vet with a service dog who just wanted to teach? He is able to teach now and he is assisting with the Veterans Court.  […]

WMDB story on the Vet Clinic problems

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night WMDB TV did a story on problems veterans with disabilities will have accessing services at the new veterans clinic in south Bloomington if they have to ride the bus to get there. I wrote about the issues here: Once again Connect Transit isn’t listening.  They plan to erect a […]