The Vets don’t agree with Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

At last Monday’s Bloomington Council meeting Ryan Whitehouse, Connect Transit Board Chair, declared transportation to the Veterans Clinic isn’t a problem.

Veterans do not agree.  No one coordinated construction of the facility with Connect Transit, Bloomington should have made sure transportation would be adequate.  Economic Development must only  matter downtown.

As of yesterday, Art has received no responses to the letter below, veterans take last place.  Soon this will be how most will have to get to the clinic:

va bus stop

VA CLINIC BUS STOP board letter


6 thoughts on “The Vets don’t agree with Connect Transit

  1. You might as well be on the moon Art! These cretins can see you but because of their politics, their connection to the power structure and their desire to move their leftist narrative forward they CANNOT hear you (and they really don’t care about you or our veterans).

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  2. I do not understand the Transits, “We don’t give a d— what the V A Clinic needs”, attitude. This is not just a bad situation, but more like a total slap in the face of our VETERANS. To do this deliberately, as that is what it is, makes the Transit Board as valuable as used toilet paper.

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  3. My hope is this situation will encourage Disconnect Transit to switch to smaller buses so they are able to provide door to door service. We all know that the large buses are completely unnecessary and just damage our roads and cost a fortune.


      1. Connect Transit will dig in its feet. They’ll never admit fault, as they feel they own the moral high ground and are better than the peasants living in the community. Not to mention, like most of BN local government officials, they don’t want to acknowledge that Stan is correct or makes a good point. Folks, Connect Transit and other government/quasi-government agencies would rather continue making mistakes, provide inferior services, waste taxpayer money, or harm others than concede even a single point to someone with a different viewpoint. Let that sink in.

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  4. Ironically this IS a picture that probably MANY veterans remember ALL TOO WELL. I remember my late father and him speaking of “marching in the snow” only to get up and do it again. Seems that CT wants our veterans to have “fond memories” of those days in the snow and marching long distances.
    Thank you AGAIN mr koos.. Your COLORS have now been shown!

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