Bloomington met too last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

The third Monday of the month is hell because both Councils meet.  Last night was over 4 hours I will never get back!

Highlights from Bloomington:

water master plan

Yes folks, this is the spending plan for the next 20 years – for just water.  I don’t think the never used water tower was included in the discussion.  and no the city doesn’t have that money in savings.  Approving the plan will be at the next Council meeting.

Jenn wants the Council to consider making water rates cheaper for people who don’t make as much money as all you rich people.  She epitomizes leftist ideology to keep poor people poor.  When handouts are based on income the poor can not improve their lives by getting a better job.  The entitlements keep them poor, it’s too easy to live with less if government is going to make up the difference for you.

Connect Transit was next:

ct socialists

Of course they want more of your money too!  At 1:12:39 Jeff Crabill asked if Connect Transit was devoted to serving the transit dependent.  The new chair Ryan Whitehouse actually said yes.  Meanwhile many no longer have service.

1:17:00 Whitehouse claims transportation to the VA clinic isn’t a problem since veterans can use Connect Mobility.  The extensive paperwork involved wasn’t mentioned.  He claimed a fixed route option might be available when Hamilton road is completed.

I filed a FOIA request with Connect Transit for the number of Mobility reservations canceled by them.  The answer I received was they couldn’t find anything.  It appears they don’t keep track because I have heard from people it happened to.

1:19:20 Jamie Mathy comments that he now understands the large buses because they make maintenance universal.  He must have forgotten part of the fleet will be electric – that blows his theory and justification for huge empty buses.  I’m still waiting for a “peak time” full bus pic or at least one with more than 4 or 5 people on it.

Tari Renner is really obnoxious holding the Council to preset time restraints.  Why is there any limit to how long your elected officials can talk about issues?  To prevent them from actually representing?

Jenn was busy vaping as usual.  I’m sure she never wants to go back to in-person meetings where she wouldn’t be allowed.

1:29:20 – Scott Black is all for giving them more money so the system is fare-free.  Good thing he isn’t running again, he calls this economic development.  Actually it isn’t because riders can only go where the buses run.  Their freedom to grow into a better job is limited if the bus doesn’t go there.  Creating dependents is government’s favorite thing to do, Connect Transit is doing it with your money.

Connect is holding a meeting that nobody will see about the downtown transfer station:

When:Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Time:5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA)

It will not be live streamed.

The Public Safety and Citizens Review Board was next.  They will be tasked with holding community meetings on police reforms.  Two members quit, so there are two openings.

If you want to apply, start here:

Last was Mboka Mwilambwe’s initiative to declare Juneteenth a City holiday.  The paper claims the Council informally agreed – they didn’t.  They agreed to discuss it further.  Several members mentioned throwing it to the History Museum.  It will be back at a future meeting.

Mboka thinks this is economic development, he is already planning a downtown festival.

There is absolutely no reason to celebrate a Texas holiday and pay employees not to work for it.  Of course it will be re-branded as something it isn’t.





9 thoughts on “Bloomington met too last night

  1. THIS is NOT a COUNCIL! Hey Jamie, how about that sign there at the bakery that FELL DOWN several years back AFTER being installed?? Is THAT what you consider IMPROVEMENTS??
    And WHAT is Jenn vaping? Probably some kind of Belgian Congo Monk “Holy Oil Weed” that is’nt even legal here and just makes her EVERY ideal even MORE ridiculous!!
    As for WATER, WELL, THEY GET THE WATER FOR FREE FROM GOD! they just NEED better planning from the council people and budget folks to have $$$ in the BANK when repairs are NEEDED. As SOMEDAY, ALL of Bloomington AND uptown WILL NEED new lines… WHAT will that cost. Might as well move NOW!
    As for giving people “free stuff” ENOUGH already! HOW much help can these people NEED. Hell, I NEED help getting my feet to touch the floor in the morning, and have for several years, but I don’t ASK for free shit! Cut this crap out Jenn and tell YOUR “PEEPS” to GET A BETTER JOB or take a 2nd one! OMG Is that against the grain??
    Heaven forbid they don’t have time to sit and eat doritis and get stoned like you do..
    As for June “teenth” We have ENOUGH holidays What with Black history MONTH in February.. AND MLK day. Seems like Columbus day has basically gone the way of the DODO!!
    I’ll stop, as these idiots irritate me.. Even WORSE then uptown liberals..


  2. Let’s see, Jenn is LATINO, and these folks were either Aztec or Mayan. Both of which were REALLY not the best batch of folks for explorers to run into!
    Aztecs did MANY sacrifices, and the Mayans just killed out of boredom. So WHICH is it Jenn?
    Wanna try For Incan? You’ll loose there too.. SHOULD have listened in history, rather then going out and smoking dope..
    Don’t matter WHAT batch of “indigenous” people you look up and ASSOCIATE with, they ALL did heinous deeds when provoked or intruded upon! Hell, even the Benders of LaBette county Kansas looked innocent enough!

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  3. Jenn is clueless. Everyone in the city is provided with the same quality of water. People are in control of their usage. If she did her homework, she would know there already is a program to apply for reduced rates based on financial need. There is also a tiered system rate based on usage.

    Columbus Day is a national holiday…she should talk to her federal representative if she wants a change. Conversely, instead of being destructive to American history by renaming a holiday, perhaps she should do some research into the indigenous people…is she grouping them all together rather than recognizing the individual tribes? I thought the radical left was a proponent of identity politics.

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  4. Just once I would love to see Whitehouse get in a wheelchair and take the bus to VA clinic. Just once I’d like to see anyone on the council and CT ride a bus. The last time I heard CT rode the bus my mother chewed his ass off about how bad the service was for the elderly. And she is not using a walker or chair

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