Bloomington Fun for tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin


I bet you thought gas taxes went to fixing roads, not if it can be diverted to other expenses:  


Sewage backed up in their house after repairs to a water main break went bad:


Remember the $172 MILLION Water plan discussed last week?

Tonight the plan is on the Consent Agenda meaning no more discussion.  This is how you will be forced to pay more – it’s now “in the plan”.  Nobody has mentioned paying for it.


Mboka Mwilambwe thinks a City holiday-paid time off at taxpayer expense-will have people “reflect”.  It’s a paid vacation day Mboka.  Taxpayers get fleeced again!


mboka june

Misc bills:

Just so you know what empty buses cost you every month:


IWU cut studies in entrepreneurship according to this article:

They kept the Small Business Development Center since you help fund it:


More money to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission:


A few want to defund the police and spend the money on mental health.  Isn’t this enough to spend every month?


Taxpayers saved this expense because of COVID, the library still got a FREE lunch though:


How sympathetic is it to send flower taxpayers paid for:


The audits must be done, the financial statements won’t be released for many months yet anyway:







10 thoughts on “Bloomington Fun for tonight

  1. Why do employees need a (paid) day off to “reflect on the significance of a historic day?” Is there no end to this craziness?

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  2. Can they come up with any more stupid ideas? Yes. A holiday for Juneteenth which most people never heard of till recently. Get real people. Your tax dollars are being flushed away with no accountability. Elections have consequences.

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  3. Don’t forget the over $500,000 for the monkey exhibit at Miller Park Zoo. If this came with some type of a promise to lock up Tari and Jenn in the same cage with them, I’d be all for it.

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  4. What? Locking up Tari and Jenn?? Is the ISP Pcard investigation FINALLY in?
    HOW about we go back to good old Columbus Day!


  5. Business as usual. More wasteful spending and mismanagement of tax dollars. Sadly, we’ve become all too used to it at this point. Connect Transit continues to spend as much if not more money yet will continue to serve a declining ridership. Yes, fixed costs are high, but Connect should be cutting expenses in response to COVID and declining business like those in the private sector. Any chance the compassionate folks that work at Connect or their vendors/consultants would take a pay cut or suspend new projects and spending? Right, didn’t think so. The MCRPC is another government central planning group with aspirations to manage/control the community and the citizenry. The agency is led by and its decisions informed by ideology, not data. Wonder why the SBDC needs taxpayer money since its led by volunteers and events are online/virtual due to COVID. (Actually, I don’t know the last time they hosted an event. Apparently, it all goes to admin costs and rent at IWU.) The group is such a crock. The next great technology company or startup is not going to come out of the SBDC or would even contract them for that matter. The folks going to SBDC are starting a cupcake shop or dog walking service or make the best homemade jams.

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