Bloomington Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin The audit is done, not released though: Evidently the City doesn’t think they have to print the P-Card spending list anymore, just 1 big amount. Amazon purchases are listed without a descriptions – pages of them. Link to Bills and Payroll: Agenda: Tari wants to re-appoint Rob Fazzini to the […]

Bloomington Fun for tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: I bet you thought gas taxes went to fixing roads, not if it can be diverted to other expenses:   Sewage backed up in their house after repairs to a water main break went bad: Remember the $172 MILLION Water plan discussed last week? Tonight the plan is on the Consent […]

September PCard + Bills

By: Diane Benjamin Even on sick leave, Tari can hold a business meeting at a bar and use the City PCard: The rest of the council still has no problem feeding themselves at your expense. Looks like the Chamber of Commerce is behind “Quality of Life” Monarch Group is Real Estate Development.  Funny how WHO […]

Audits? The Coliseum was audited!

By:  Diane Benjamin The oldest story I wrote about the Coliseum is from December 2013: But, look at this story from February 2014: First lines of the story: Operations of the Coliseum are extremely complicated.  Management hired by the City is operating some functions without any over-sight or accountability.  The taxpayers deserve to […]

Coliseum: the Actual loss

By:  Diane Benjamin I guess Bloomington is now just like Washington DC – drop documents late Friday hoping nobody will notice.  The financial statements for both the City and the Coliseum are now posted: Remember the outrage and concern expressed when the Coliseum reported a loss of almost $500,000 last year?  The audited losses […]

Coliseum: Just to be clear

By:  Diane Benjamin Coliseum Management issues Quarterly reports.  The media used to widely report their numbers as truth, lately not so much. The year-end for the Coliseum was 4/30/14.  The statements they produce are only audited once a year, Concessions are never audited and no proof exists that taxpayers are getting their share of the […]

Hales and now RENNER don’t care!

By: Diane Benjamin Some members of the Bloomington City Council worship the ground David Hales walks on.  They practically pant when he speaks.  David Sage is REALLY good at stopping criticism of anything Hales does – watch a few meetings on-line and you can see for yourself. Every year Hales’ salary is set in Executive […]

More on past TIF problems

by:  Diane Benjamin Back in 2009, $4,000,000 was suddenly located in TIF money.  The Pantagraph reported it here: Outside auditors located the money, not City staff. Then there is a lawsuit still pending against the City filed by David Bentley because he did not receive funds to rehab the CII East building.  He also […]