More on past TIF problems

by:  Diane Benjamin

Back in 2009, $4,000,000 was suddenly located in TIF money.  The Pantagraph reported it here:

Outside auditors located the money, not City staff.

Then there is a lawsuit still pending against the City filed by David Bentley because he did not receive funds to rehab the CII East building.  He also claims required reports were not filed.  Part of the case was decided in 2013, but it continues.  Outside lawyers are being used in this case.  The article refers to it costing thousands, tens of thousands is probably closer to the truth.  Last December the Pantagraph reported on the case:

TIF’s are complicated and fraught with possible abuse.  The money can easily go to “preferred” developers with the public never finding out.  With the history of TIF’s in Bloomington, should they be allowed to try again?






2 thoughts on “More on past TIF problems

  1. If we had Conservative, American loving, Patriotic city leaders then this TIF money would not concern me as to it being ethically used to help our city but with these left-wing Progressives that believe the end justifies the means to accomplish their agenda of turning us into a third world country under Socialism then this TIF money should not be available to them!

    PS – This does not pertain to our good Conservative Patriotic Aldermen, Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower.

  2. What ever happened with the last round of money that was supposed to go to the west side re-development? What did we get for that $5 million or so? Market Street still deteriorated and more weeds at the old train yard.

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