Before Carrillo makes up more history:

It isn’t unusual for the Cancel Culture to get their facts wrong, Columbus just might be one of them.  Of course, Jenn won’t care – canceling history is popular in her circles.  She mentioned at the last Council meeting she will make changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day a Council initiative.


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Read the story, good stuff from an expert.


7 thoughts on “Before Carrillo makes up more history:

  1. Fact is, Columbus DIDN’T EVEN land in America! He landed on San Salvador Island, also known as Watling island 450 miles out in the Atlantic and a part of the BAHAMAS! There’s a monument there to honor his landing..

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  2. There are so many more real and pressing issues facing Bloomington. While Jenn is preoccupied with an explorer that died 500 years ago, the City she supposedly represents is falling off a massive fiscal cliff. While the problems are largely structural and inherited, Jenn, Tari, and the question-nothing City Council continue to waste and mismanage millions of dollars on boondoggles, pet projects, and other wants over needs. Meanwhile, the local one-dimensional economy seems to chug along with the misguided notion that “State Farm will always be here”.

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  3. Here we have Christopher Columbus coming ashore in America without a passport or any legal right to land . Technically Columbus is an illegal immigrant by definition Yet the far left idiots want to destroy his statues? Before the emails start flowing in I’m being satirical here.

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  4. Unless one is a native Indian the land that is now called America, then I would think that all of our heritage is based on immigration. As our immigrant ancestors and their offspring became more aware of establishing a better civilation for all mankind (no worries Jenn that includes women and alternative lifestyles too) to live life with liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It took awhile to evolve and pursue the abolition of slavery, although it had been an evil practice in many, many, cultures as a historical fact. But IT IS America that became known as the land of opportunity, the land of the free that became the beacon of shining light for all peoples of the world.

    Capitalism provides opportunity for those with ideas and ambition to create in a society of wants and needs of which any one can prosper if they are willing to put in the hard work to achieve it. On the other hand Communism and Marxism (of which people continue to want to escape) is a collective society that denies individual prosperity as that individual is doomed to slave for the masters of the state. Not to mention the historical fact of abuse to the non-conformers.

    That said as commentary sometimes ends with “follow the money” I would encourage Jenn to follow the money as to who supports the idealogy of the groups that she associates with of which most likely will lead back to George Soros. That old man as a young child worked aganist his own people and continued to do so throughout his evil life. He’s dedicated his entire adult life to a quest to completey enslave all of humanity. Fact. Perhaps then, George Soros should therefore claim to be the Grand Master of Slave Masters but will most likely not want to be associated with the truth as that’s bad press for the money he throws around while claiming not to be who he really is. Follow the money.

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    1. Diane – I know you sometimes block/redact/something people who make inappropriate comments and add your comments on why you’re doing so. I’m fine with that, but when you do, you need a better way of indicating that that’s what you’re doing, as it shows up to us end users as looking like Zacc (or others previously) commented whatever your ‘response’ was. I’m sure many longer-term readers understand that’s what’s going on, but newer readers will get confused. I know I find it a little disconcerting even though I figure it out in short order. Maybe add an “Editor’s override comment: ” at the beginning of the post? Something.
      Still think you provide the best journalism in the county, just trying to provide constructive criticism to make it… not really ‘better’, but more user friendly, especially for newer readers.
      Thanks for all you do!


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