Bloomington proves Normal’s “sympathy” is illegal

By: Diane Benjamin A reader FOIA’d the Town of Normal over their “sympathy flowers” policy. The Normal taxpayers are paying for arrangements to be sent in sympathy to people Normal chooses to send them to. Picking Winners and Losers Normal? Are the people paying the bills ever told who flowers or plants are sent to? […]

Bloomington Fun for tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: I bet you thought gas taxes went to fixing roads, not if it can be diverted to other expenses:   Sewage backed up in their house after repairs to a water main break went bad: Remember the $172 MILLION Water plan discussed last week? Tonight the plan is on the Consent […]

Bloomington tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Regional Planning Commission  is getting paid by Bloomington: Look at where most of their funding comes from.  Who do you think they are really working for? Does the below apply to Vision Zero?  Not when the contract says information is confidential! End of an era for the […]