Julie Hile’s contract

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal paid the McLean County Regional Planning Commission $54,000 as their last meeting:  https://blnnews.com/2020/06/13/normals-asininity/

I previously wrote about Julie Hile’s involvement with the MCRPC here:  https://blnnews.com/2020/05/21/progressive-julie-hile/

I received a copy of the contract Hile signed with the MCRPC.  See it here:  Vision_Zero_Contract-HG-20190619_(Final_Executed)_redacted


The contract was sign in July of 2019, so much of this should already be happening.  Your local elites are probably working on this now.

hile vision zero 2

Culture Change?  Transformative?  Haven’t we played this game before?

hile vision zero

This is laughable.  When taxpayers pay for it nothing is confidential.

hile confidentiality

Since the contract expires in November and progress was likely hindered by COVID, expect acceleration or an extension of time.

To save lives, maybe they could start with bicyclists and joggers who run red lights.  Whatever they devise to fundamentally change transportation it will cost you money and probably time.  Expect lower speed limits “to keep you safe”.

Of course, if Black Lives Matter wins, the police won’t be around to enforce it.

15 thoughts on “Julie Hile’s contract

  1. It’s very laughable when you see a non governmental confidentiality agreement tied to a contract. Never seen this before! Wow!

  2. Just a thought here, but how about the Regional Planning folks make some plans to try to attract some businesses to replace the businesses that:

    1. Were effected by the Virus BS and are closing
    2. Are now accelerating toward complete disruption and a downward spiral (State Farm and ISU)
    3. Are leaving because of crazy taxes and an even crazier anti-business atmosphere

    Our leaders are just going to sit and watch this ENTIRE area decline?

    There is going to be Vision Zero alright…. Zero companies in sight anywhere in the county!

    1. Just an FYI, Regional Planning has nothing to do with business attraction or retention, that is the responsibility of the EDC. Regional Planning is suppose to do community planning. That said, since it’s inception, the organization has gotten more liberal and frankly, has become more liberal in its practices. Some staff and some board members and in recent cases, executive directors have injected personal politics into the organization’s policies and objectives. This is why you see people like Julie Hile being sought for services that frankly, staff should be capable of doing. Many planning commissions nationally have been taken over by liberal leaning directors and staff that are incapable of keeping personal politics out of daily decision making.

  3. Well, we have seen how much impact the EDC has had on business growth here? Is it zero or a negative number?

    All of these organizations are filled with low IQ elites who I wouldn’t hire to clean up after my dog.

    Defund EDC

    Defund the Mclean County Regional Planning Commission

    Defund BN Advantage

    All are worthless and a waste of taxpayer money

  4. Lower speed limits to keep you safe??? And who is going to enforce the limit? Since NO ONE does now, does that mean a whole new police force? (sarcasm).

    Speed limits in the United States (from someone who travels extensively) are not enforced until there is an accident. Stop signs are not enforced until there is an accident. Traffic laws, right of way, etc, are not enforced until there is an accident. These laws are put in place by State Legislators who are almost 100% attorneys. Its their own little revenue stream guarantee. If someone is injured or killed in a traffic accident, someone has to be at fault..right? They just look at who was speeding, or who ran the light, or who didn’t yield, and here come the lawsuits. Doesn’t matter which side the attorney is on, he gets paid anyway. As a sales rep traveling a territory daily, in an automobile, it was blatantly apparent that what I have said is true. Go drive around Bloomingto/Normal for an hour. Watch how many stop at stop signs (less than 10%). Watch how many come up behind you while you are at a red light making a right turn. You stop, make sure the intersection is clear, and make a legal turn. The driver behind you comes right along with you, many times without even slowing down, 90% of the time. Drive down I-55 at 70mph, the legal limit and 90% of the cars will pass you.

    Defund the police? They could make their annual budget in a month enforcing traffic laws.

    1. I once talked a State Police officer out of a ticket for running a Stop Sign. There was a van in front of me that did not stop until he had almost crossed into a lane of the next road. I was stopped in front of the stop sign so I could still see the word “STOP”. As the van made a right turn, I followed him and got pulled over. I was polite but stood my ground that I was the only truck to do a proper STOP and then proceed. He finally agreed after a verbal warning.

  5. Trying to make sense out of what the Hile (Hitler,) Koos, Renner, Sicks, Davidson, Gleason, Reece, etc., will set you back as real commmon sense is not their goal. ALL of these leemings simply follow their puppet masters of which seek to destroy the freedom that our forefathers fought so hard for. These fools really are fools as when the time comes they will still not be a part of the billionaires club and will be also have the rug pulled from underneath their feet.

  6. Now it memes sense why she always pushing and voting for studies for Currupt Transit…she ends up getting paid to do them!!Being both a government official and a paid consultant and lobbyist to the same government is highly unethical and may be illegal.

  7. I’m BUSY and don’t have TIME to read ALL the BS on Julie Hile, but IF she’s SUCH a GREAT planner, how about planning on having the streets fixed. I Await your reply Julie! Sincerely, broken truck suspension parts-control arms, ball joints, tie rods, etc!
    PROVE to me that you ACTUALLY have planning ability! CRAWL before you can WALK before you can FLY!

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