Normal’s asininity

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal is going together with the County, Bloomington, and BNWRD to fund hazardous waste collection days through the Ecology Action Center.

PDF page 61:

EAC conflict

This is common sense since citizens expect nobody associated with the Town to profit off this contract.  Too bad it didn’t apply to this:


Total cost is $54,000.

What I warned you about in this story has arrived:

Normal is paying for a transportation plan that doesn’t involve fixing the streets.

vision Zero Hile

Who is behind Vision Zero?  The Hile Group – Julie Hile who just happens to be one of Normal’s representatives to the Connect Transit Board.  (transportation)

Don’t forget Chris Koos can’t find another like-minded citizen to fill the STILL empty seat on the Connect Board.  Isn’t that getting close to two years now Chris?

The bottom line is Normal taxpayers are funding a Hile project through the McLean County Regional Planning Commission.  It should be a conflict of interest since she was appointed by Mayor Koos to a transportation board.  I wonder if Vision Zero will force people on a bus?

The March 4, 2020 MCRPC meeting has this note in the minutes:

consult contract

The June 2020 meeting minutes say nothing about a contract.  It is obvious from the story I linked above from May 2020 who the contract is with,  it obviously pays a Koos buddy.  Don’t forget Julie Hile and her husband are also involved with One Normal Plaza.

Vision Zero is worthless when the roads are crap, I received this email in a recent FOIA:  (my redactions and highlights are in red)


Instead of paying Julie Hile to create the leftist version of transportation utopia, that money should be going to roads.  Remember: Hile will just have a plan, taxpayers have to fund it.

Something else I stumbled on:

PDF page 61

Besides the Federal Grant for the underpass and the consultant Normal hired to find state money at the last meeting, the Regional Planning Commission is planning to secure another $1,250,000 from the bankrupt State of Illinois.

Eventually the Council will be presented with only one option:  We have X dollars in grants, all we need is another X and we can build it.  It will be billed as “We can’t afford to lose this money”.  The Council has never voted to move forward with this project, unless you call an Uptown 2.0 plan a working document.

Who you vote for matters.  April 2021 isn’t far away!





4 thoughts on “Normal’s asininity

  1. Perfect example of money going from taxpayers to government cronies. You may have exposed a conflict of interest that is illegal. Good work Diane.

  2. Legal or illegal, neither matter to Koos, Pam or the council. They continue to fleece the people of Normal, and give sweetheart property and government contracts to their crony friends. The Chicago way is alive and out for full public view in Normal.

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